When a bald little alien named Dean heads out in search of Earth,
he’s shocked to discover he’s not the only one looking for a way there.

Follow Dean as he befriends the most feared creature in the galaxy,
gets hunted by killer monsters, reveals ancient mysteries,
and eats way too much fake bacon.A Space Story tells the tale of a bald little alien called Dean Kilmer and his quest to not only find Earth, but convince a human to return to his home with him.

[divider]Written in the first person, it is Dean who tells us the story. A brief introduction to how things have been and how things are now (and it is brief) provides the reader with ample knowledge to dive head first into the story. Fate intervenes in his quest  and he achieves what no other has – he meets ‘her’ – a formidable Earthling ‘dressed in her fabled patchwork armour.’

Written with the young adult genre in mind, A Space Story starts in medias res, so there’s no sitting around waiting for things to happen. By the end of the first chapter, the reader has a good idea of the characterisation of both Dean and ‘her,’ the landscape, the quest and the stakes. There’s a great balance of narration and dialogue while the interaction between the two initial characters is highly engaging.

I’ve only taken a quick read through the first chapter, but I enjoyed what I read. I thought the writing was very good too, the sentences were a nice length, tight and to the point, and I believe it would appeal to a young adult reader. I, in the meantime, shall be adding this to my ‘want-to-read’ list on Goodreads.

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