Aisling Dara by Jackie Forster

Aisling Dara by Jackie Forster
Series: The Children of the Light #2

Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Young Adult

Aisling Dara is the continuing story of Cassy, a young girl who recently found out she is a witch. After battling her father Cassy believes life will get back to normal, but Susan has other plans. When the villages first attack, Cassy joins the Children of the Light to make the school safe.

Cassy struggles with her power, and the knowledge that she is to take over the running the school and coven. Even uniting with the sister she didn’t know she had can not calm Cassy’s fear, so she runs away. When she returns Cassy’s realises things are worse. Everyone she brought to the school is in danger.
Can Cassy overcome all obstacles and stop the threats against school?

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