Blazing Blunderbuss by Nix Whittaker

Posted August 22, 2016

Blazing Blunderbuss by Nix WhittakerBlazing Blunderbuss (Wyvern Chronicles Book 1) Buy on: Amazon

Hara hasn’t had an easy life. Her father is a con man and she has been forced to dress as a boy most of her life. when she finally gets away from her father she finds that trouble is still with her.

Gideon is a dragon living as a mathematician in the heart of the Wyvern Empire. But even there he isn’t safe. Revolutionaries have kidnapped him. They might have his body but his heart is already Hara’s captive. Now he just has to convince her that he isn’t too much trouble.

Things become complicated when they accidently steal a pirate ship. Throw in a plot to kill dragons and a politician willing to risk the wrath of the empire.

Together they can help each other out of trouble or find it.

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