Now this is a very popular theme in science fiction. We all have our own perception of how the future might look, whether it’s ten years, fifty, a hundred or a millennium: Flying cars, elite cities, devastated cities, super-advanced technology, back to a stone age lifestyle… the details regarding what our future might look like are left to the discretion of the author. Some are fantastical, with mankind whizzing around the universe in faster than light spaceships, some are based on known technology we have at the present time, some assume we’ve all but destroyed ourselves, and others are expecting an outright alien invasion (to name but a few).

I’d like to think we could progress without blowing ourselves to smithereens, that we could develop  technology that will one day see us colonising other planets (preferably without destroying or abusing its natural resources) and discovering and reaching out to other civilisations, because I really do not believe we are have the sole existence. Our home is a wee speck of dust in a colossal universe, as this rather brilliant video shows (you need to click through to see it, the link goes to a public Facebook video and will show you just how miniscule planet Earth is):

How small is planet earth !If there is no aliens in that huge thing…

Posted by Renaud Margry on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


And I’m going to leave this post here as I’ve a wad of editing to be getting on with now I’ve finished playing catch up with the A to Z blogging challenge.


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