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Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Having a Book Published by Madeline Dyer

by Madeline Dyer   So, a few days ago I celebrated the one year anniversary for the publication of my debut novel, UNTAMED (Prizm Books, May 2015). During that year, I’ve learned a whole bunch of things and thought I’d share ten of them here with you.   1: Not everyone realises having a book published is a big deal.  You feel great about your book being published, but some of the people you excitedly tell just don’t ‘get’ it. You see their faces fall and realise that when you told them you had ‘big news’, they were expecting...

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A-Z Blogging challenge: U is for… Utopia

Utopian Society A Utopia is a perfect, idealistic society, the opposition to a dystopian environment. A world where ‘inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions […] utopian and utopianism are words used to denote visionary reform that tends to be impossibly idealistic’ (britannica). More’s Utopia (1516) The termed was first penned by Sir Thomas Moore in Utopia, which tells the tale of More, an ambassador for King Henry VIII, Giles, his friend, and  Raphael Hythloday, a philosopher and world traveler. A conversation strikes up between the three men and  Hythloday describes a society ‘based on rational thought, with communal property, great...

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A-Z Blogging Challenge: T is for… Time travel

I am a massive – massive – fan of time travel. Forwards or backwards, it matters not. I love the whole concept of time travel, whether this is achieved through self-hypnosis, a machine, an object, a portal, an accident or a slip through time itself is irrelevant.  Time travel and it’s various devices and consequences is a common theme, with each author having their own vision. An Introduction to Time Travel I think the Doctor (Who) describes Time travel best. In Blink, he finds himself in the position whereby he and his assistant have been transported back in time without...

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A-Z Blogging challenge: S is for… Spaceships

Spaceships With all the discussion on this blog about asteroids, space and futurology, I thought it might be wise to take a look at how we’re going to travel to all these wonderful places within the universe – be it through choice or necessity The wonderful thing about science fiction is that we can envision whatever style of spaceship we deem fit for purpose, although there may technical restrictions if writing in the genre of hard science fiction, where the practicalities of present day engineering is crucial. Follow Indie Scifi fantasy’s board Spaceships – Inspirations on Pinterest.Spaceships may come...

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A-Z Blogging challenge: R is for… Robotics

Robotics Advancement in science and technology in our present day lives makes robotics within science fiction all the more real – whether it’s a child toy, an android or an evil legion of robots taking over the planet (think Terminator). For this blog post I shall concentrate on robots in the ‘human’ form.[divider] On  25th January 1921, Karel Capek’s presented R.U.R (Rosumovi Univerzální Roboti). A play featuring cyborg (biological) like robots, who at first seem content to work for humans, but a revolt begins and their rebellion seeks to end humankind. Sound familiar? It should, robot forms advancing their...

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