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A-Z Blogging Challenge: Q is for… Quasars

Quasars Quasars are defined as ‘an astronomical entity that emits incredibly high levels of electromagnetic radiation (including light). The amount of energy emitted by a quasar dwarfs even the brightest stars,’ ( Believed to have formed when matter drawn into a super-sized blackhole is thrown back out creating superextreme beams of energy. Quasars have a short lifespan. According to About there are approximately 60,000 known quasars and if it points to Earth, it is known as a Blazar. It’s certainly an amazing sight, with the closest one being a mere 780 million light-years away. Quasars in science fiction I’m not...

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A-Z Blogging Challenge: P is for… Planets.

Planets I’ve written a blog post on Asteroids, and briefly touched on Jupiter,  so  now it’s time to stretch a little further afield and talk about the multitude of planets existing within and beyond our solar syste Planets, both real and imagined, are of huge thematic importance in science fiction. Mankind’s exploration of space, whether physical or through the lens of a telescope, has provided an amazing – albeit limited – view of the universe. Although, according to scienceblogs there are ‘at least 200 billion galaxies out there (and possibly even more), we’re very likely talking about a Universe filled with...

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A to Z Blogging: O is for… Online Worlds

Genres: Minecraft, Science Fiction Online Worlds O was a tricky letter to find a theme for and I swear I’m not cheating. ‘Online Worlds’ is a theme in its own right according to the Encyclopedia of Science fiction, not only that, but I’ve had the pleasure of reading a couple of books using this very theme.[divider] So what are Online Worlds? Without stating the obvious, they’re worlds that exist online, quite often involving role-play with other users and are never ending as far as I can tell. I grew up on ‘Make your own adventure’ books, closely followed by...

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A to Z Blogging challenge: N is for… Nuclear War

Nuclear War (and the ensuing ‘winter’) I was watching a program a while back about adverts that used to appear on our television screens during the nineteen-seventies. One advert was produced by the UK government and carried the slogan ‘Protect and Survive.’ I had absolutely no recollection of this, but my mum informed me that it was a very real threat back then, (and maybe it still is, although I’m under the impression that none of the countries with Nuclear weapons dare fire them, lest it blows our planet to smithereens. It should come as no surprise then, that...

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Blogging A-Z: M is for… Military Scifi

Military Sci-Fi  As far as I can gather (as this is one of my least favourite sub-genres of science-fiction) Military Sci-Fi uses futuristic technology and weapons, often to negotiate fights with alien civilisations, or conduct battles in space, although I’ve read many a book where the military is used in a present day setting, usually with a near apocalyptic scenario. Books in this genre appear to have main characters who are, in fact, military personnel, which means that I’ve been writing a novel in a genre I claim not to be keen on (my novel draft has military personnel...

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