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Blogging A-Z: B is for… Biometrics

Biometrics Biometrics combines technology with human features, such as fingerprints, DNA and eye retinas, as a means of developing secure systems for authentication purposes, while also having the potential to track and monitor individuals. Much of what was once deemed science fiction has become a reality, but as our understanding of science and technology increases, so too does the imagination of the writer, and biometrics still plays a key role in science fiction films and books. Tracking In the X-Files, a series featuring two FBI agents investigating unexplained events, Dana Scully is abducted by ‘aliens’ and a chip inserted into the...

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Blogging A-Z: A is for… Asteroids

Asteroids. I have quite a fascination for them actually. Not the type travelling harmlessly around the asteroid belt though, oh no, I like the concept of one hurtling towards Earth and threatening to wipe us all out, and more importantly, what we would – and could – do about it. We’re making advances in space travel, sending probes and what not further out, preparing to send people to live on Mars, identifying planets that could quite possibly sustain life… but what are our chances of stopping (or diverting) a killer asteroid? I’ve watched films with this concept – Armageddon, Deep Impact, and several b-grade movies on the sci-fi channel whose film names escape me, possibly because they were beyond awful. View Spoiler » In Armageddon, a drilling crew lands on the approaching asteroid, somehow managing to drill through titanium plate and blow the rock to smithereens. The crew of Deep Impact aren’t as lucky as Team Armageddon. They only manage to blow the asteroid into two pieces, and while the larger part cruises off into deep space, the smaller part enters Earth’s atmosphere with some amazing special effects, and with a lesser destructive force then the whole. « Hide Spoiler   Near Earth Objects Nasa’s Near Earth Object Program was established in 1998 with a view to identifying near-earth asteroids larger than one kilometer. The chart on the left shows...

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Link (Pre-read thoughts)

by D.A.Karr Genres: Science Fiction D.A.Karr, the author of Link, a science fiction mystery thriller based in the late twenty-first century has asked me to write an honest review in exchange for a copy of her book. I have to say, it’s an absolute honour to be asked considering the mimimalistic reviews I tend to write, but I’ll be making a consecutive effort to improve my review writing skills for Link. I took a read of the synopsis, which certainly piqued my interest, especially the words ‘as the Earth shifts on its axis.‘ I love any science fiction related to geological disasters, and having watched a vast number of films with this concept, it’s going to be interesting to see how Karr resolves the problem, if indeed it can be solved. I found the cover image intriguing too. I’m not an arty person, and unless it’s blatantly obvious, I can’t tell an indie cover from a professional one, but I really like Link’s cover (which does look professional to me): I’m intrigued by the alien looking objects in the background and the luminous object being held by the man, who at this point, I would assume to be the main character, although I’m yet to turn to the first page. As with the other books I’ve reviewed recently, I’m going to read and review the sample first. I tend to...

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Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2015)

Against my better judgement I have decided to have a go at the Blogging A-Z (April, 2015) challenge, not that I needed much encouragement – a simple ‘Michelle, are you doing this?’ from a writing acquaintance was enough to send me flying across to the website to check it out (and sign up). As I’m in the process of trying to get this website up and running, I thought I would focus on themes within the Science Fiction genre (and shall do the same with fantasy at the next one). The ‘rules’ are pictured on the image above. You blog...

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