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Grave Measures by R.R. Virdi

What do shadows darting across the walls, cryptic writing, black fog, a little girl who can see ghosts have in common? Paranormal investigator and soul without a body, Vincent Graves, has forty-four hours to find out. To make matters worse, his years of body-hopping and monster-hunting are catching up with him. He’s losing his mind. […]

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Rising Empire

Rising Empire: Part 1 by C.S. Woolley Series: The Chronicles of Celadmore #1 Genres: Action & Adventure, Epic, Fantasy The nine kingdoms of Celadmore are at war. The people suffer under tyrants that strive to gain land and...

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The Price Of Immortality

The Price Of Immortality by Genevi Engle, Vampire Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction Julia Jensen is a veteran police officer for the West Palm Beach police department. Smart, confident and a lethal ass-kicker, Julia is one of the...

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Out of the Darkness (Sample)

Out of the Darkness by K. Caffee Genres: Fantasy Published on September, 2014 Nameless, a slave-born pukah has fate stacked against him. He was born to fight, trained to win, conditioned to survive in the Arena. He wins his way...

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