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Happily Ever After High School by Savannah Ostler

Happily Ever After High School by Savannah Ostler Series: Happily Ever After High #1 Genres: Action & Adventure, Children, Epic, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Love & Romance, Magic, Paranormal, Supernatural, Young Adult Published on January, 2015 Seventeen year old Albany French wants nothing more than to find her very own happily ever after. She dreams of finding her fairy godmother, going to the ball, and being swept away by a Prince. Much to her dismay, her life is no fairy tale. Albany is just a typical, all American girl who attends an overly crowded public high school. An untimely tragedy...

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Rescue Island by Stone Marshall

Rescue Island by Stone Marshall Series: Flynn's Log #1 Genres: Children, Gaming fiction, Young Adult The world is in trouble and needs a Minecraft hero. Flynn, a hacker, enters a familiar but changing video game world where something goes terribly wrong. Flynn gets stuck inside the game! His memory is lost and the dangers he faces are real. The game world evolves introducing new dangers and creatures that Flynn has never seen before. An intelligent creature comes to his aid, but can Flynn trust this digital...

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