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Grave Measures by R.R. Virdi

What do shadows darting across the walls, cryptic writing, black fog, a little girl who can see ghosts have in common? Paranormal investigator and soul without a body, Vincent Graves, has forty-four hours to find out. To make matters worse, his years of body-hopping and monster-hunting are catching up with him. He’s losing his mind. […]

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Clementine’s Shadow by Peggy Rothschild

Clementine's Shadow by Peggy Rothschild Series: Standalone thriller Genres: Adult Content, Mystery Published on April 2013 After moving to the California High Desert for a new start, Deputy Casey Lang faces a hard truth: She must work through her fear of shooting another child or kiss her career goodbye. The disappearance of a six-year-old girl from a summer concert in the park puts Casey's resolve to the test. The only member of the force with experience working a kidnapping, Casey knows she is the department's best chance for finding the child. But, as the temperature rises, three unlikely heroes...

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The Essence by Sandi Baughman

The Essence by Sandi Baughman Genres: Detective, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Supernatural A mystery writer battling a bad case of writer’s block encounters some bizarre and unexplained occurrences on the last city of his book signing tour. The hard-boiled detective, from the writer’s mystery novels, appears from the pages of the writer’s latest book to help him make sense of these strange occurrences that seem to stem from an unsolved cold-case mystery....

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