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True Life, Chapter 1: Limited Edition

True Life, Chapter 1: Limited Edition by R.J. Tolson Series: Legends of Tye Series #1 Genres: Action & Adventure, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Young Adult Published on March, 2015 Experience the first chapter before the release of Volume 1! Set 9 years before the events of Zephyr the West Wind, True Life, the first part of the Legends of Tye spin off series, is the story of Venn, a 17-year-old boy born into the poor Astra Clan. Highly valued for their glowing, crimson, orange eyes that gave the clan members the ability to see the mystical energy known as Aura, Astras were often snatched and enslaved for their "Aura Eyes". Secluding themselves from the world, the Astra Clan founded a small, remote village so as to conceal the cosmos stones from which supernatural abilities emanated. Known as the weakest link, due to his poor "Aura Sight", Venn's peaceful life abruptly changes when a dark figure kidnaps his sister and, with a long forgotten power, curses the rest of the clan for eternity. Setting out on a journey to rescue his sister and save his clan - Venn's only hope is "True Life," the legendary book of...

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The Ghostcrow: A Tale of Andor by M. K. Theodoratus

The Ghostcrow: A Tale of Andor by M. K. Theodoratus Genres: Fantasy, Occult & Supernatural, Young Adult Published on March, 2015 Seeing ghosts has plagued Dumdie Swartz since early childhood. Afraid that ghost guts might stick to her if she stepped through them, thirteen-year-old Dumdie Swartz still cringes when she encounters them. Her strange attempts to avoid spirits create a lonely life. Her sisters constantly mock her strange behavior, her parents are clueless, and her social life is zero. Dumdie finds solace working in a shared garden with her elderly neighbor, Mr. Carson. When teens from her high school steal pumpkins from his garden, Mr. Carson is hurt during the theft, and later, dies. Dumdie’s life takes a dark turn. She learns there are stranger things than ghosts, when she senses something evil living in Kyle, one of the boys who had raided the pumpkin patch. Kyle bullies Dumdie to scare her into silence. The more Kyle threatens her, the clearer she perceives the evil thing possessing him. Dumdie finds support in an unlikely group of girls who befriend her when she helps them with their costumes for the Pumpkin festival. During the festival, Dumdie’s fears explode when the thing possessing Kyle decides it wants to possess...

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The Warriors by Marilyn A. Hudson

The Sword of Anath: The Warriors by Marilyn A. Hudson Series: The Sword of Anath Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Published on February 2015 Anath's world is peaceful, ordinary, and sometimes boring. She lives with her father Dagon, her sister Asherah, and half brother Hadad ... Her days are filled with the normal activities of life as she learns the skills of the hunt, the rites of her religion, and the tasks of survival in a sometimes harsh world of extremes. Children of a mysterious woman, found wandering in the desert. Can Anath and her sister discover the truth of their heritage and the strange skills they possess? When a dangerous threat seeps into that world however, there may not be time, and Anath has to decide how she will respond. Can she protect not only her family and herself, but her world as...

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