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Link (Pre-read thoughts)

by D.A.Karr Genres: Science Fiction D.A.Karr, the author of Link, a science fiction mystery thriller based in the late twenty-first century has asked me to write an honest review in exchange for a copy of her book. I have to say, it’s an absolute honour to be asked considering the mimimalistic reviews I tend to write, but I’ll be making a consecutive effort to improve my review writing skills for Link. I took a read of the synopsis, which certainly piqued my interest, especially the words ‘as the Earth shifts on its axis.‘ I love any science fiction related to geological disasters, and having watched a vast number of films with this concept, it’s going to be interesting to see how Karr resolves the problem, if indeed it can be solved. I found the cover image intriguing too. I’m not an arty person, and unless it’s blatantly obvious, I can’t tell an indie cover from a professional one, but I really like Link’s cover (which does look professional to me): I’m intrigued by the alien looking objects in the background and the luminous object being held by the man, who at this point, I would assume to be the main character, although I’m yet to turn┬áto the first page. As with the other books I’ve reviewed recently, I’m going to read and review the sample first. I tend to...

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