DriftmetalMuller Jakes had nothing but bad luck. He knew he was wanted by the law, but that didn’t bother him in the least. What did bother him was how he personally couldn’t trust anyone. After a heist goes bad, his crew mutinies and throws him off his own ship, saying they were going to go legit. Then they proceeded to turn him over to the cops, or Civs. Aided by a few gadgets, he stopped himself from falling into the Churn, but his luck just kept going.

My Opinion:

Let me start by saying I’ve never read this genre before. Well, I have read some science fiction, and some steampunk, but this is something different. The only thing my mind could compare it to was Disney’s Treasure Planet. It was well-written and Muller Jakes was a cocky character. You might not like him much, but you can’t quite hate him, either. Though you do get to see a change in how he perceives things as he overcomes each obstacle in his way. I’ll admit I was disappointed in one thing. How short the book was. It was only 127 pages long and it seemed to end just as a major conflict happened with a real quick “resolution.” It felt like you were left hanging. There is a second book due out in April 2015, so it would be interesting to see where it goes after this. I’m sure lovers of science fiction/steampunk/cyberpunk style stories will enjoy this quite a bit. I personally am not that person. However, I can enjoy a well-crafted story and this definitely fell within that category.

For a free book on Amazon, it’s worth a read if you enjoy things a little different from the usual fare.