Gwithyas: Door to the Void by Isha Crowe

Gwithyas: Door to the Void by Isha Crowe
Genres: Dark Fantasy

Zircon Gwithyas is destined to be the Guardian of the Door to the Void. Or so his parents tell him. Zircon has different plans. His goal is to be a normal teenager, preferably with a pretty girlfriend. For a nerd with glasses as thick as jam jars, that isn't so easy. The fact that Zircon lives in a derelict manor on a haunted hill with a bunch of spooky eccentrics for a family makes it even harder.

It becomes almost impossible when Zircon gets dragged into a dark, chaotic adventure in which he struggles to retain his sanity, win the love of the courageous yet irritable Joanna and impress his centuries-old ancestors, all while trying to save the world from a horde of blood-thirsty, sadistic demons.

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