History Of Sol: Ouroboros  by Chris Masterton & Steven Dutch

History Of Sol: Ouroboros by Chris Masterton & Steven Dutch
Genres: Action & Adventure, Epic, Mystery, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Thousands of years after the Earth is destroyed in a war between belief and control, humanity is spread across the solar system, divided into four Colonies that seem to have achieved peace and order. Among them is a small group of people that find themselves plunged into the middle of a secret plot to rule all of Sol and destroy the remaining believers that hide on the outskirts of civilization. The crew of the MSF Galaxy unwittingly embark on a journey of self discovery in their quest for knowledge. During which they are constantly hounded by the Supreme Commander of the Martian Fleet in his attempt to suppress the unrest in the colonies. The only thing that drives them on is an ancient and mysterious Artifact, as they try to figure out its true value and where they fit in this grand scheme that seems to be laid out for them.


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