Hole in the Soul by Collier Hageman

Hole in the Soul by Collier Todd Hageman
Genres: Metaphysical & Visionary, Paranormal

Lost after dark in an unfriendly and unfamiliar part of town, Blake encounters a beautiful stranger who directs him to sanctuary in a quaint and friendly little pub. At first he can’t believe his good fortune. The drink is superb, the food is excellent, and the patrons receive him with open arms. But the proprietor, Asher, seems to know more about Blake and the mess his life has become than is possible. How does he always have the right words, know the right people, and possess the understanding of Blake's psyche that he does? Blake slowly begins to realize that this is not just a bar. The customers are not just random barflies, and Asher is not merely a smarter-than-average bartender. They are all key players in something much larger, something that may be the only answer to Blake regaining his humanity, to filling the hole in his soul.

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About Collier Hageman

Collier Hageman, Todd to his friends, is from Ames, Iowa, and lived many years in Northern Virginia. He has been a father, a Marine, 1st Mate on a riverboat, personal trainer, an estate manager, private security specialist, a caver, a biker, humorist, voracious reader, author of “The Power Cycle” and “Heroes of Legend”, and member of the Secret Handshake Club, because it works if you work it.

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