Magic Molly: The Murky Marshes

Posted August 5, 2015

Magic Molly: The Murky Marshes

‘Magic’ Molly Miggins is back. The junior witch with the Wonky wand has been given another task by the wizard from the Magic Council. This time she must find two witch sisters, Hilde and Hedda, who are missing in the Murky Marshes.

In the marshes, Molly gets into trouble with the ghostly Water Nymphs and the tricksy, Swamp Witch, Nellie Nettlewort. Aided by a friendly Marsh Witch, Molly discovers that the sisters have been captured by Morgana’s Black Witches and taken to an underground fortress deep inside the mysterious, void.

Can Molly and her new friend defeat Morgana and rescue Hilde and Hedda, or will the Black Witches escape the void and wreak havoc across the marshlands?

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A book for the children (7-11): Magic Molly and the Murky Marshes

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