November 2015 statistics

Being the stat obsessive I am, I have decided to share the most important ones with you, namely the end results of promotion – Amazon – and of course, Twitter, where most of the promotion takes place.

My aim is, of course, to improve on these statistics from month to month and increase actual sales (though I would love to know how many people download samples or take advantage of Kindle Unlimited following referrals to Amazon).

Over the last couple of weeks Google seems to have realised Indiescififantasy exists and we’ve been getting a handful of visitors to the website via the great search engine itself, so I guess I’m doing some SEO right.

Visitors referred to (2342):

Amazon.ccom Nov 2015

(Click on the image for a detailed breakdown by book)

Visitors referred to (949):

amznuk nov 2015

(Click on the image for a detailed breakdown by book)

Twitter Stats:

Twitter Nov 2015

Paid Promotions with Indiescififantasy:

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