Quantos Rising by Venancio Cadle Gomani Jr.

Posted December 12, 2015

The world has been split into four colonies after a Great War in which knowledge, civilizations, and time were lost from the world. After five hundred years of recreation civilization is split into four colonies: those that live on the ground call their colony ‘Damiroo‘; those who live in underwater cities call their colony ‘Retarctica‘; those who live in floating cities that hover above the clouds call their colony ‘Anotresphor‘; and those who live in space cities following the same orbit as the moon around the earth call their colony ‘Centralis‘.

“Quantos Rising“, the first book in the series, follows the story of a former researcher Bruce in his attempts to save his city, El-Versium from the tyranny of the Damiroo military.

Tragedy strikes in a remote city called El-Versium which becomes the war zone between the Damiroo colony’s military and their project gone wrong, Lunar-Mount—a threat detecting droid that destroys any potential source of danger with the highest threat levels relative to any around it.

Now it’s up to Bruce, a former researcher from the University of APEX’s Research Facility in the city, New Middle, to shut down the droid before it destroys his home city, El-Versium with the aid of the Damiroo military who also became victims of the robot’s malfunctioning.

Accompanying him are Damien, a former Scientologist from the very same University facility, and Emilia, an intern at the El-Versium medical center.

The FTP source coding stream was wiped out from the robot’s programming so the trio has to dive right into the robot’s system via Neuro-Surge injection: a technology designed by both Damien and Bruce which allows for the human subconscious to be plugged right into the heart of any computer systems which generates computer functionality in a real world representation. The trio must dive into the system and program the kill switch directly into the robot’s system.

Little do they know that this is just a cover-up operation to use the trio to further the military’s project-QR; resurfacing a long since sunken city from before the times of the war which allegedly harbored civilization’s largest King Solomon’s Library and the T-16 weapons vault.

The race is on!

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