I am not a professional book reviewer, but a reader. I enjoy both fantasy and Science-fiction, and am particularly fond of self-published books. I’m always looking for the gems among the mundane, and have found a few among the hundreds of books I’ve read since buying my [reader] kindle a few years ago.

I obtain all my books via Daily Free Books. I have bought poorly written books in the past, so only read new author books for free, however, I will go on to buy additional books from an author who earns my trust.

I am a freelance editor (in training), but this part of my website is purely about recording my reading experience.

If you have a self-published fantasy or sci-fi book you would like a review for, please use the form below to recommend it. A submission is not a guarantee that I will read it, but I shall certainly look at the ‘blurb’ and see if it is of interest to me.


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