Rescue Island by Stone Marshall

Rescue Island by Stone Marshall
Series: Flynn's Log #1

Genres: Children, Gaming fiction, Young Adult

The world is in trouble and needs a Minecraft hero.

Flynn, a hacker, enters a familiar but changing video game world where something goes terribly wrong.

Flynn gets stuck inside the game! His memory is lost and the dangers he faces are real. The game world evolves introducing new dangers and creatures that Flynn has never seen before. An intelligent creature comes to his aid, but can Flynn trust this digital being?

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First Impressions

Minecraft isn’t one of my most favourite things (owing to the fact my children play it constantly, talk about it endlessly and when their friends comes around, armed with their laptops, my house resembles a Minecraft themed internet cafe), but if you have a young child or adult who enjoys Minecraft, then I honestly think they’ll enjoy this book.

It begins at the same point a user will begin a new game of Minecraft (proving that I do listen to some of my children’s ‘Minecraft talk’). It is a virtual world of blocks in which you can design or destroy the landscape, working in unison with others, or going it alone – but as poor Flynn will soon find out, a night in Minecraft isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

It’s well written and will appeal to a younger audience (my boys loved it), and best of all, the first one is available free via Amazon (Kindle).