Review: Lesser Evil by P.F.Davids

Posted November 13, 2015

Lesser Evil

P.F.Davids contacted me to ask if I would read Lesser Evil and provide an honest review in exchange for a copy, however, it is available on Kindle Unlimited so I obtained the book via this method.

Lesser EvilKester is one of the last surviving defenders of the Church of True Light. With the Serpentine Empire closing in, Kester finds himself on a desperate mission to recruit the aid of one of the Church’s greatest enemies: a man who is often called a demon. When his ideologies are tested, Kester must choose between upholding the tenants of the Church and completing his mission.

There is nothing Reis wants more than to be left alone to his research. But when the Empire comes knocking, Reis is left with no choice but to fight back. Knowing the imperials will not stop coming for him, Reis is left with one path. If his research is to continue, Marcus Serpentine must die.

Together, the two may have a chance to cripple the greatest military force the world has ever known…if their conflicting ideals don’t make them kill each other first.

The story telling

Lesser Evil begins at the heart of a conflict between Serpentine’s imperial soldiers and the Church of True Light. It begins in medias res, introducing the reader to the conflict, the stakes, and key characters while moving the story forward. The first paragraph sets the scene briefly: ‘bodies littered the room ahead,  stripped bare with faces twisted in agony,‘ while the reaction and interaction between Demos, Collette and Ottone orientates the reader with current events.The narration blends smoothly with the dialogue. The narrative voice in each of the chapters is clearly defined and where used, reads like the POV character’s natural thought process.

The environment brings to mind that of a medieval setting with its transport by horseback, sword battles, old buildings and secret passageways…

As the story progresses the reader is introduced to Kester, a young soldier in the Church of True Light, recently promoted to a position of responsibility, he devises a plan that may yet save the Church from annihilation.

My thoughts

If you enjoy a work of fantasy with a ‘light versus dark’, ‘good versus evil’ premise than I believe you will enjoy this book. The atmosphere is established early on, as are the motives of both the Church of True Light and Serpentine. The characters are multi-dimensional, with each of the key characters having shared and personal obstacles to overcome. Throw a little alchemy into the mix, a pinch of a misunderstood ability with balanced pacing and tension and you have a book promising a great read.

As I warned the author is our email exchange, I am not one of those people who can force myself to read a book that does not hold my interest (I’ve been known to give up on books after the first few pages), but with Lesser Evil I found myself orientated into the history, world and characters needs early on. The writing lured me into the tale P.F.Davids has penned and held my interest. With each page turned I found myself wanted to read and learn more and look forward to the next installment of the Lesser Evil trilogy.

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