Genre: Angels/Demons

My Name is not Alice by Angelika Rust

My Name is not Alice by Angelika Rust Genres: Angels/Demons, Dark Fantasy, Friendship, Kindle Unlimited, Love & Romance, Young Adult Alice is a high school princess. Blonde. Beautiful. Shallow. Until she meets a little white rabbit, and her world turns upside down. The line between reality and fantasy blurs, then vanishes altogether. And Alice becomes a girl who attracts Trouble. Trouble with a capital...

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Demien by Kenneth Morvant

Demien by Kenneth Morvant Series: Professor Pendleton Genres: Action & Adventure, Alien Contact, Angels/Demons, Metaphysical & Visionary, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Young Adult Published on April, 2015 The time has come . . . The Nephilim, abominations that represent the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of man,” have stepped out of the shadows in a bid to conquer humankind. All the while, beings far more terrifying than what the public thought was discovered at Roswell are crossing dimensions in a bold gamble to capture Earth, enslave humans, and destroy the Nephilim. And in between: HUMANITY. Young physicist and archaeologist Trevor Pendleton is tasked with assembling a team to unravel the mysteries of the natural and supernatural that threaten to ravage mankind and rip the world apart. Time is short and the stakes could not be...

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Kaleidoscope by Chariss K. Walker

Kaleidoscope by Chariss K. Walker Series: The Vision Chronicles #1 Genres: Action & Adventure, Adult Content, Angels/Demons, Metaphysical & Visionary, Mystery, Paranormal Kaleidoscope is the first book in The Vision Chronicles series, a slice-of-life metaphysical/visionary thriller. It introduces Mike Lewis during the first eight weeks. At 44 years of age, Mike has seen a lot. He's traveled the world and experienced much that life has to offer, but he has a problem and wants a solution. In fact, he's determined to find one. After fifteen years of denial, Mike’s had enough. The secret has taken a toll on his personal life. He wants change and reaches out to Dr. Nelson Fitch, an old college friend. During the therapy appointment, Mike shares his closely guarded secret revealing that he sees horrifying distant events of the future through a kaleidoscope every time he closes his eyes. Nelson teaches Mike to become the passive observer of the frightening visions. When Mike stops fighting this ability, it changes and evolves with his acceptance. As soon as the secret is out, however, Mike meets Casey, a beautiful socialite. He soon realizes that someone is after him; determined to learn about his ability. He discovers that his home is bugged and his computers are tracked. Then, the real chaos begins as those ‘watching’ take a more aggressive approach. In their attempts to abduct him, people...

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Crescent City by Chariss K. Walker

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.Crescent City by Chariss K. Walker Series: An Alec Winters Series Genres: Adult Content, Angels/Demons, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Metaphysical & Visionary, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Supernatural Crescent City, the first book in the Alec Winters Series, takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Alec Winters quietly moves through the Crescent City looking for predators—those who destroy and prey on innocence. Trained in close-hand combat, he uses these skills when necessary to kill the offenders. Sometimes, his military training isn't needed at all. Sometimes, the only thing it takes to end the lives of wicked, evil men is one look at him. After two suspicious murders in only a short time, the main problem Alec faces in his quest of redemption is a nosy reporter. Vivien Simon came to the metropolitan area to do a series on the effects of Hurricane Katrina—with crime rates on the rise, her interests are drawn to the seedier aspects of the city. She’s hoping to get the story that will make her career. When she discovers that both murder victims were pedophiles, Vivien begins a newspaper and blog campaign that frightens parents and turns the city upside down. Some say the perpetrator of the murders is an angel while others insist...

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