Genre: Urban Fantasy

Dangerous Ways (The Books of Winter #1) by R.R.Virdi

Dangerous Ways Series: The Books of Winter #1 Genres: Paranormal, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy Published on December 14th 2016 From the Dragon Award-nominated author, R.R. Virdi. Jonathan Hawthorne has lived over a century beholden to one rule: do not meddle in mortal affairs. He's broken it twice. So when he crosses paths with Cassidy Winters, he's forced to interfere again. Strike three. And the third time's not the charm. Hawthorne is swept along as Cassidy slips through the cracks in reality. And being hunted by bands of monsters doesn't help. To find the answers they need, they'll have to play...

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Jacked, Part one of the Origin Dime Chronicles by Mark R Morris Jr

Jacked by Mark R Morris Jr Series: Origin Dime Chronicles #1 Genres: Action & Adventure, Book Blog, Fantasy, Metaphysical & Visionary, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy Jack just wanted a little adventure. When Jack Kelly learns that his universe may be imploded, he’s on his way out the door to Vegas. That doesn’t stop the interdimensional, mind-controlled terrorist crawling through the drive-thru window of Jack’s newly inherited fast food emporium, from swallowing a thumb drive containing the ‘key to the universe.’ Jack’s looking for adventure, or at least escape; from his toxic stepmother, his dead father’s memory and the...

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Barely Awake by D.R. Perry

Barely Awake (Providence Paranormal College Book 1) by D.R. Perry Genres: Humour, Kindle Unlimited, Love & Romance, Magic, Paranormal, Paranormal, Romance, RomCom, Series, ShapeShifter, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Published on March 26th,...

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