“We assume he has been alone with the queen for the last few days and yet no one seems too concerned about it. He seems to have the trust of a lot of very suspicious individuals. If I were an assassin or a spy, then that is how I would infiltrate our people.” Misna observed with a shrug.

“You are an assassin, spy and infiltrator,” Amalia said with a raised eyebrow.

“Then perhaps we should be more mindful of General Bird than we have been.”

[divider]First Impressions

A quick skim through the first few pages has revealed what promises to be an exciting read. A brief prologue introduces necessary information, and the first chapter begins in medias res – with action, inner thoughts and dialogue enticing the reader into the story. The tone, voice and writing style are of a high quality, and recent five-star reviews seem to indicate that Rising Empire could  be a must read for readers of the fantasy genre – I’m certainly adding it to my ‘to-read’ list.

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