If you’re engaged in the Facebook writing community, the chances are you’ll have seen author pages at one point or another. I’ve seen people asking if they’re allowed to have one because they’re not a published author. Likewise, I’ve seen many a debate over whether it should be an author page or a writer page – truth is – it’s up to you. I consider myself a writer, but have an author page.

At the end of the day it is a page – a means of promoting your name and your work, regardless of what stage of the writing process you are at.

This post is going to talk you through the basic set-up.

So, get yourself comfy and we’ll get started:

Step One

Navigate to this link (you will need to be signed in for this link to work): https://www.facebook.com/pages/create

You will now see a choice of six page types and will decide which applies to you:



Artist, Band or Public Figure is the most applicable for an author.writer page, although if you’re setting up a book page, I would select brand or product, but you really don’t want too many of these pages as it makes it harder to promote (in my opinion).

Select Artist, Band or Public Figure and you will be presented with a list of categories via a drop down box. I’ve selected author for this post, but Fictional Character and Writer are also available (and can be changed later on if you change your mind).

step 2 step 3


Click get started and it will take you through to the next step.

Step Two

The next step is self-explanatory and can be skipped and filled in later if you want time to think about what to write, but it gives you the opportunity to write a short description of what your page is about, link to a website (or any link), and upload a profile picture.


For the last step, Facebook suggests you create an ad for a page you’ve not yet even started to set up, so I would advise skipping through this last option.


Step Three

This is the final step of the basic set-up, and you will have a mini-tour of the page’s key areas:

step7 step8 step9

Once you’ve clicked skip or next, you have completed the final set-up, and it is yours to add content and design to (which I shall cover in another post).



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