This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Simon Says “Die Pretty For Me” by Lou McKinleySimon Says "Die Pretty For Me" by Lou McKinley

Series: Children of Aquarius
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
Published on January 2015

This is a story based on the predictions based in science that states that we as a planet will come to know if we are or aren't alone in the universe by the year 2020 to 2025. The form of contact was always assumed that it would come from a different planet. This story depicts a different theory; and foretells these visitors coming from a different dimension and sphere of reality, other than our own.This is an adult look (Adult content 18+ only) at what the government and the private sector have done to bring this meeting about. As is the case the everyday citizen knew/knows nothing about any of this until many years later. The recounting of this event takes place some twenty five years after this prediction was said to take place; a little late, but on Friday 29 April 2050 at 13:00:00 hours this did come into our state of consciousness. It came in the form of a murder.

We will be taking a look at all of the blood, gore, and sexuality that now surrounds the case file labeled Case#50119-1A; The Quest Family Murders. The following is but one page retrieved from the Iris protocol of the New Liberty Police Department.

Page 1: On Friday 29 April 2050 at 13:00:00 hours the bodies of Frank Quest and his family were found murdered and butchered within the main house on this estate. Frank Quest (age 44) was found in the entryway of the home. The door was found opened and the body was crumpled in the corner sitting in a pool of blood; a bolt from a spear gun was lodged in his right eye. The crossbow was located in the next room mounted on the wall in its metal holder some twenty feet from where the body of Mr. Quest was found. There were no other physical wounds on the man's body. It was later discovered that Mr. Quest was returning home after his work day which went from four in the morning to noon. Mr. Quest also had a meeting later that day and had a full schedule until four that afternoon.

This depiction is rated-R by the Wattpad rating system and contains: Nudity, Emotional Cannibalism, alcohol, sex acts, and items that WILL be disturbing to some. This is for Adult Consumption only and is from the creator of the Mind Warp trilogy at If this is to your liking – please leave a review and feel free to contact the author on FB: Lou McKinley, or Follow same @ Louis Mckinley1 on Twitter.

WARNING: Please take care Simon is still out there, and he may be coming for you next …


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