Sticks n’ Stones and the Garden of Phea by Angela BurkheadSticks n' Stones and the Garden of Phea by Angela Burkhead

Series: The Wayward Memory
Genres: Children, Fantasy, Magic, Young Adult
Published on February, 2015

Rather than spending one more day amongst the humiliating remarks to the amusement of her fellow peers, Emily Fickeltin runs away. Or, rather, walks away.

Emily is misunderstood and disliked by what seems to be every other child her age and on topof it all, she is overweight. Her attempt to escape her pain leads her to discover a hidden place with new hope for friends and acceptance, though she cannot stay long. In this magical garden, Emily meets Phea and finds that she is not the only one looking for an escape. Together they battle their inner most demons.

Will they ever discover peace and acceptance? These two lost and disheartened souls must find who they are before they are both lost forever.

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