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Spellcaster by George Bachman

Posted May 20, 2017

Christine Daniel suffers in ways no sixteen-year-old should and no doctor has been able to cure her. The excruciating pains and high fevers debilitating her aren’t triggered by a physical cause but by visions of a youth calling to her while fleeing a mysterious man who means him harm. This could hardly be happening at a worse time, when she and her beautiful older sister Allison are making their début in high society, like other wealthy socialites seeking matches with titled but impoverished gentlemen in Victorian England.

Christine is convinced that to stop the visions she must somehow save this youth. But first, she has to find him. She needs someone who’d know how to locate someone through means outside the known senses, the paranormal. Unfortunately, the authorities have driven underground all but one of the country’s occultists, and the reason she isn’t hiding is the only reason she might help Christine, something she wants in return. Christine must convince Allison to marry the occultist’s lover, one of those impoverished gentlemen, so that the illicit pair can share her part of the family fortune while continuing their affair.

If Christine doesn’t stop the visions by saving the youth, the pains and fevers will eventually kill her. But if she does what the occultist wants, she will betray Allison to a lifetime of misery. Can she lead her sister into a marriage with a bad man if doing so is the only way to save her own skin – literally?

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Posted October 5, 2016

Victor Bellator is a young mathematician who has always made sense of the world by running numbers in his head. But his logic is challenged when he awakens in a rundown shack in the middle of the woods, with no memory of the past 72 hours—and endowed with the power of telekinesis.As the mystery of his paranormal condition unfolds, Victor learns that his brain is now absorbing a mysterious energy from the atmosphere called: Dual Dominant Interaction Force. In one form, the energy seems to be harmless to the human brain, enhancing feelings of altruism in the subject. But in its opposite form, it’s harmful and addictive… even mind altering, and the continued absorption of this energy will soon begin to corrupt Victor’s volition, inciting an unnatural and malevolent behavior that will ultimately warp him into an inhumane being—one, too dangerous to be kept alive.

Drama, adventure, and a heated love triangle are just the tip of the iceberg in this first installment of Predominance, a new paranormal trilogy that will take your breath away!

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No Good Deed by Mary D. Brooks

Posted August 5, 2016

Eva and Zoe Lambros return to Australia from their journey to Greece and Germany with a renewed purpose and a yearning for children. Their desires for an uneventful family life are short lived. Their plans unravel when Eva is involved in a life-threatening accident that reveals misguided good intentions of the past have shocking repercussions in the present. Zoe is overjoyed to learn that their wish for children will finally be realized when she finds out she’s pregnant but she has to contend with the possibility of losing the woman she loves.

With Eva’s paranormal abilities now more pronounced, can Eva control her gifts or will they result in more damage to an already fragile mind? Eva and Zoe’s lives could never been described as uneventful but faced with yet another life changing course, can they continue to take it in their strides and accept what fate has given them? Truly, No Good Deed goes unpunished.

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Guardian by Olivia Arran

Posted May 23, 2016

Who does he think he is?
The wolf shifter at my door. I pegged him as a shifter the second I laid eyes on him. It was the way he stalked into my apartment flexing his muscles and throwing his weight around, his lips curved in a smirk. Acting like he owned the place.

Smoking-hot, alpha jackass.

It was meant to be just a job.
An easy assignment between covert-ops, but there’s nothing easy or run of the mill about Natasha Silk. Human, gorgeous, with curves that make my mouth water, she’s got everything. Money, fame–a perfect life.

One kiss and I’m sure–she’s my mate. But I won’t claim her. I can’t. Because I’m a damaged man, broken on the inside. Dangerous. 

The clock is ticking. Someone is trying to kill her and it’s my job to stop them–not happening on my watch. 

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Grave Measures by R.R.Virdi

Posted May 14, 2016

What do shadows darting across the walls, cryptic writing, black fog, and a little girl who can see ghosts have in common? Paranormal investigator and soul without a body, Vincent Graves, has forty-four hours to find out.

To make matters worse, his years of body-hopping and monster-hunting are catching up with him. He’s losing his mind. An old contact has shut him out. To top it all off, something’s skulking through an asylum, killing patients.
Three guesses who might be next, and the first two don’t count. The writing on the wall is not so clear. But one thing is: if he doesn’t figure this out he’s a dead man–well, deader–and a strange young girl might follow. Vincent’s got his back against a wall, and that wall’s crumbling.
Some days it’s not worth it to wake up in someone else’s body.

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Author Interview: D.R.Perry

Posted April 2, 2016

Barely AwakeD.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island, where all her books are set. Although she’s not a native New Englander, once up north she got so inspired she couldn’t leave.

  • When did you first discover your love for writing?

I’ve been writing since I could read. At first, I made scripts of books I loved for me and my friends to act out. At one point, I wrote a story about a Star Trek food fight. The evidence of these is lost forever. I put them in a wardrobe when I was fourteen and haven’t seen them since.

  • Do you have a favourite place to write?

I write wherever I can. Anywhere with space for my laptop will do. In particular, I like anyplace that smells like coffee or tea.

  • Do you have a writing routine or process that you adhere to?

The only rule of my Write Club is: write something every day. Sometimes it’s a grocery list in limerick form or a parody of my latest earworm’s lyrics. More often it’s part of one of my series or a poem.

  • Are there any authors or specific books you aspire to?

I prefer admiration over aspiration. There are too many to list. Here are some in no particular order: Robin McKinley, L. Frank Baum, Peter S. Beagle, Mario Puzo, Ursula K. Leguin, Robert Aspirin, Jane Yolen.

  • What inspired you to write Barely Awake?

I read through some Paranormal Romance books a friend of mine recommended. A bunch of these were about bear shifters, taking place in winter with no mention of hibernation. I’d already thought of writing about a magic college in Rhode Island. The snow we had last winter made me wonder how a bear shifter who’d never been up north might react to 30 inches of snow. It also draws on my own experience seeing show for the first time after growing up in South Florida.

  • Can you tell us a little about your book?

Sure! Barely Awake takes place just a few years after the only Ivy League school for Magic and psychic education opened its doors to anyone. This is part of the world’s adjustment to The Big Reveal, when Extrahumans like magi, shifters, and vampires came out to the rest of the world. The main female character in Barely Awake, Lynn Frampton, is the first human to attend. The fact she’s the only human makes her feel isolated. And the main male character Bobby is completely out of his element once it snows. As the plot progresses, they start to suspect they’ve been singled out and targeted on purpose. We get some clues about that at the end of the book.

  • Do you have a favourite amongst all your characters?

That’s the toughest question you’ve asked me. I like all of them in this series, even the antagonists. In this particular book, though, I have to go with Bobby’s dragon shifter roommate, Blaine Harcourt. Not only is he fun to write, but the way the other characters interact with him makes me laugh out loud. I can’t wait to write his book, which will be the fourth one in the series.

  • Does your book contain a message for readers to consider?

One phrase kept going through my head while working on this book. You’re never as alone as you think you are.

  • What would say has been your biggest challenge and achievement in writing Barely Awake?

Time. I’ve got such piecemeal timeframes to write in. That’s challenging. Going for a couple of hours at zero dark thirty in the morning before everyone else wakes up helps. Also, I have almost three whole hours in a row when my husband gets together with his friends to slay Internet Dragons twice a week. Thanks, Jim! And I have the best Mother-In-Law ever. She brings my daughter to the library once or twice a week so I can get more writing in. Thanks, Patty! I couldn’t crunch through this series without you.

  • What have you learned about yourself as a writer through writing Barely Awake?

I’ve learned that I love getting my humor in my fantasy. It’s better than getting chocolate in my peanut butter. Reeses, eat your heart out. Writing has way less calories than candy. But seriously, I worked a few years on a darker Historical Urban Fantasy series. It took me longer to write the same amount of words in that project. I take to the fun stuff more readily, I guess.

  • Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?

Keep writing. I’m not alone in saying that, of course, but writing something every day is the only way writers get to practice. Don’t be afraid to grab an idea and run with it either. If I hadn’t, I’d still be figuring out how to start the Provdence Paranormal College series.

  • Anything else you would like to say?

I’ve prepared a few words. Elephant. Sloth. Riesling. Thanks!

  • And finally, do you have any future works planned?

Lots! There’s ten books outlined in Providence Paranormal and I will write them all. My Historical Urban Fantasy series is tentatively called Tree of Life and that’s got four books planned. I’ve also been slowly adding to a project I call the Poeticalendar. It’s a 365 day geek-culture influenced collection of poems and flash fiction under 100 words. Thanks so much for the interview!


FB: https://www.facebook.com/drpperry/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DRPerry22

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8588997.D_R_Perry

Website: http://www.drperryauthor.com/

Barely Awake by D.R. Perry

Posted March 30, 2016

Bobby Tremain’s life used to seem charmed, but since his dad’s crippling accident, he has an avalanche of problems. He’s the first in his family to have a shot at college, also the first to head north of Louisiana. An early snow calls his Bear to hibernate a week before finals, but he needs to pass or he flunks out of Providence Paranormal College.

Lynn Frampton’s loneliness is almost more than she can take. She went to college on the other side of the country to get away from the persistent curse of unpopularity in a small town. Once at college, Lynn’s prickly personality has pushed everyone away yet again. At least, she’s at the top of her class.

Bobby needs Lynn’s help to stay awake and pass his exam, and she discovers she needs companionship more than she’d ever imagined. Lynn’s all set to transfer to a school back home, but Bobby thinks she’s his mate. Can he keep awake long enough to pass, and more importantly, convince his love to stay?

Let this introductory novella transport you to Providence Paranormal College. Extrahumans of all types abound on this urban campus on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island. This Ivy-League college recently opened its doors to anyone with enough talent. The Admissions Department at PPC enrolls humans with extraordinary grades, the magically and psychically inclined, vampires, werewolves, changelings, and even magic shifters like dragons and Kelpies. Come take a tour! If you like YA and NA Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy with strong romantic subplots, you’ll feel right at home here.

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Posted March 21, 2016

Daughter of the Wolf

How far must one travel to escape the gaze of a dark-shadowed god? After fleeing the Healer’s Academy, Caryss struggles against becoming little more than a plaything of the gods. Pregnant with a child who will be born of shadows and stars, Caryss searches for an army to protect her unborn daughter. Along the way, she finds help from a fallenmage, an exiled prince, a blood-stained shaman, and a boy who commands the skies. Yet, even with their assistance, Caryss cannot run far from the High Lord Conri, whose love for her is profaned and damaged.

Mysterious and dark fantasy filled with epic adventure and magic. Find the first book in the critically acclaimed Pathway of the Chosen series, The Girl from the North.



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Kissing Demons by Jen Winters

Posted March 4, 2016

I’ve been a Guardian for 800 years, and sometimes, even us immortals need a vacation. So when my big sister calls and tells me I’m off for two weeks, I take the opportunity to visit my favorite place: The Hunter’s Moon, a bar for supernaturals only. There’s a few things I want to accomplish while I’m not working: get a grimoire, find a little temporary fun, and make a friend. I did not want to find my soul mate, nearly die, watch a sister give up this life, and see my city in the throes of mass destruction.

What am I supposed to do now? My vacations over, my soul mate’s been kidnapped by a demon I’m not powerful enough to defeat, and Fort Worth, one of the cities I love, is in pieces. If I help the city, I will lose my soul mate; if I help my Alex, I will lose the city. What kind of Guardian would I be if I didn’t do everything in my power to defeat Yuruch? Am I even sure I want to be a Guardian anymore?

Guardian Geneva Archer might be more infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft. Worth, but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory, she finds herself face to face with her worst fear: save humanity or save her soulmate?

After 800 years of guarding humanity from the things that make your hair stand on end in the dead of night, Geneva Archer is given a two-week vacation to work out her feelings of loneliness and refresh her spirit. With time on her hands, she goes to her favorite club: a place for supernaturals to gather without worrying about human interference. While there, she meets Alex, a compelling werewolf with a demonic side. But instead of blasting him back to hell like her instincts would normally tell her to do, Geneva falls head over heels.

For Alex, Geneva is an answer to prayer. She can free him from the most notorious demon walking the earth—his father. Yuruch isn’t interested in his offspring’s life, just his body—the perfect body for a demon to inhabit. With Alex’s body and powers, Yuruch will become nearly invincible, able to wreak his hellish destruction on humanity from an impenetrable fortress.

In order to get his hands on Alex, Yuruch kidnaps one of Geneva’s sisters, luring both her and Alex into an ambush. After the botched rescue mission, Alex is possessed by Yuruch, leaving Geneva with a dead sister, a destroyed city and no way to get her soulmate back without giving Yuruch everything he desires.

Can Geneva figure out a way to defeat Yuruch and save Alex without sacrificing the very best of humanity in the process? Does she even want to?

Kissing Demons is the first book of the Guardian novels by Jen Winters. Other titles available include Kissing the Rain (A Guardian Novelette) and Falling Angels (The Guardian Novels Book 2).

Upcoming release: Raising Hell (The Guardian Novels Book 3)

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The Girl from the North by Cat Bruno

Posted February 9, 2016

When a dark stranger, beautiful and haunting, approaches the flame-haired girl on a solitary stretch of beach, she senses that her life at the Healer's Academy is about to change. As his hands reach for her forehead, gliding across it with intimacy and purpose, suddenly, she remembers who he is, and who he has been. Yet, still, Bronwen wonders why she was chosen and fears what the mysterious man's presence in her life will mean. Before he turns to leave, she asks why he has come and why it has been her he sought.His reply silences her.”Rexaria,” he whispers, low and gruff, yet louder than the tumbling sea and the screaming gulls flying overhead.Somehow, Bronwen understands. Kingmaker.

In the first book in the Pathway of the Chosen series, we meet Bronwen, a healer-in-training, who arrived at the Academy as a child with no memory of who she was or where she had come from. Soon, we learn that there is much that she keeps hidden. Her fire-streaked hair marks her as a Northerner, far from her homeland, yet she recalls nothing of her time there. Until she is visited by Conri, the High Lord of the Wolf Tribe. It is he who lets her remember. But what will those memories bring? Follow Bronwen as she explores what it means to be god-touched.

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Jessie Delacroix and the Sanctum of Shadows by Constance Barker

Posted February 3, 2016

When Jessie and her friends witness the grisly aftermath of three unusual murders, they enter a realm unlike any they’ve ever known in search of answers. Jessie’s still getting used to seeing her dear departed Mother and Granny in spirit form, along with the neighboring shape shifter. However, three mysterious doorways in the Inn’s basement promise more adventure, more mystery…and more newly-discovered abilities. Will Jessie, her friends Cammy Jo and Ginny, her little Beagle Arthur, and some help from Granny be enough to solve the crime, or will they be lost forever in the Sanctum of Shadows? Find out in the new installment of the Whispering Pines Mystery Series.

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The Experiencers by Val Tobin

Posted December 14, 2015

Agency black ops assassin, Michael Valiant, deals death without question. He knows it’s all in the name of duty and the fight against terror, particularly at a time when the earth is as close as it’s ever been to self-destructing. But when his orders include silencing members of a UFO group who look less like terrorists and more like housewives and UFO buffs, he decides to do some digging.

His curiosity arouses the ire of his boss and his partner who warn Michael that his actions are putting him in danger. When Michael’s wife dies in what appears to be a traffic accident, Michael, with his partner’s help and support, pushes aside his doubts and immerses himself in the jobs he needs to complete.

Psychic medium, Carolyn Fairchild, is happy and contented, living in a nice home in Newmarket, Ontario, with her husband and daughter. All Carolyn wants is to live in peaceful obscurity. Unbeknownst to her, the UFO group she belongs to has made it onto the Agency’s hit list. When, one by one, the members in their group die or disappear, Carolyn grows desperate.

Ordered to kidnap Carolyn and turn her over to the Agency, Michael confronts Carolyn in her home, ready to complete his assignment. But when Carolyn connects to Michael’s dead wife and reveals to him the truth about her death, Carolyn forces him to choose between saving himself and doing what’s right.

Unaware that they are repeating a pattern enacted over many lifetimes, Michael and Carolyn must find a way to break the cycle, or continue playing it out over lifetimes to come.

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Sons of Baal by Alan Place

Posted December 7, 2015

The crew of the research vessel Forgestriker are left stranded in dead space – beyond contact range – after their ship is attacked on its return from Gameroom, where they were sent to help secure a radar location, only to find they walked into an ambush.

This is the opening book to a seven-book series: http://hereiamattheedge.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/forgestriker-collection.html#.VmXED1XhDnA.

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Hollywood Plays for Keeps by Dale E. Manolakas

Posted November 21, 2015

EXPERIENCE THE RAW REALITY OF THE ACTING WORLD—a contrary world where the smaller the stakes the more deadly the competition, especially at the seedy, haunted Valentine Theatre. With the studio system in Hollywood replaced by the small theatre training ground, the “play’s the thing” as actors claw their way from the Valentine Theatre to the big screen. Punctuated with dark humor, provocative satire, and paranormal events, has-beens and wannabes mingle with stars under the spotlights where sex is currency and murder lurks in the wings! With opening night looming and careers at stake, the multiple rich characters stop at nothing, including murder, to win their fifteen minutes of fame. Amateur actor and aspiring author Veronica Kennicott fights to stop the Valentine murders.

★★★★★ MULTI-FIVE STAR REVIEWS! “I missed most of a good night’s sleep.” “. . . beginning to the end . . . suspenseful and captivating.” “Spellbinding.” “The author truly excels in creating complex, fully realized characters and superior, entertaining dialogue.”
~~Second in Series~~DEATH SETS SAIL~~

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Bear Trapped by Eve Hunter

Posted November 11, 2015

For journalist Ada Hastings, it’s supposed to be a lazy two-week summer break on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. No deadlines, no complications, no men; in fact, nothing riskier than a hangover. But a casual walk in the bush takes her holiday from carefree to chilling when she discovers a bear bathing under a waterfall—a frightening impossibility in a country that has no bears at all outside of zoos.
Ranger Sachs-Severin combines his high-flying life as a hedge fund manager with covert missions for Bear Force, a group of shapeshifters fighting bear abuse. The waterfall at his remote coastal property is the last place he expects to see anyone, so he’s stunned when his bear insists the tall, curvy woman who has literally fainted at his feet is their mate.
Ranger must convince a shocked Ada that bear shifters are real—and nothing to be alarmed about. The scorching chemistry between them is undeniable, however, igniting Ada’s senses and forcing Ranger to believe that fated mates do exist.
But they aren’t prepared for the way her past collides with his present, and Ranger is devastated to discover that a mission he must accept means risking losing Ada forever.

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Paperback release of Grave Beginnings

Posted November 4, 2015

Grave BeginningsAfter much arm-twisting and nagging and encouraging and pleading, R.R.Virdi has finally released Grave Beginnings on paperback.

Priced at $14.99/£9.76 this book is a fast-paced read and worth every cent/penny. It has been on sale in ebook format since December 2013.

At the time of writing has amassed an amazing 107 reviews (some of which you can read for yourself if you scroll down a little).

The Blurb:

As far as numbers go, it isn’t a great one. Hell, it’s not even a good one and Vincent Graves is going to find out just how unlucky of a number it can be.
Because someone, or something, is killing people in the Empire state, and whatever it is, it gives people everything they ever desired and more. And it’s the more that’s the problem!
Well…it’s one of the problems.
Vincent’s investigation also seems to have drawn the attention of a relentless FBI agent and then there’s the little bit where he has only thirteen hours to solve the case, or he dies.
Talk about your literal deadlines….
…No pressure.
By the end of this case Vincent will come to understand the meaning of an age old proverb: Be careful what you wish for – because you just might get it!


The Reviews:

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Grand Master’s Pawn by Aurora Springer

Posted November 3, 2015

Young empath, Violet Hunter, travels the galaxy on missions for her mysterious Grand Master using the vast web of teleportals. Life-threatening cracks appear in the portals and Violet agrees to investigate the disruptions. When she discovers the perpetrator comes from within the ranks of the Twelve Grand Masters, Violet penetrates their curtain of secrecy to fulfill her task. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must challenge the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

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Radio Sphere by Devin terSteeg

Posted October 10, 2015

If you can hear me then you must be alive. You’re alive, right? That’s good. Good. Good for me. There aren’t many of us left. The water is looking at me again.

The blue in the sky burnt away and now it’s all brown, everything is brown, past, present, and future. I don’t know what I’m going to do. If only Grandpa were here to help. I think I could get along better with a friend. You’ll be my friend, right? Just us, in this whole big world. We can do it together.

A wonderful and surprising novella, “Radio Sphere” reveals a shy, maladjusted girl into the leader she must become amidst the dying, surreal landscape of Earth modified by a deranged alien.

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Heartbound by P.I. Alltraine

Posted September 1, 2015

Petyr has never found it necessary to consider the humans as anything more than distant, inferior beings–until now. They are the cause of the fatal disease that has plagued his realm, taking the lives of too many of his kind. As a future leader of a realm in peril, Petyr must find a way to resist and cure the affliction. He must enter the unfamiliar realm, appear to be an ordinary eighteen-year-old human, observe, and learn.

However, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Instead of embarking single-mindedly on his sober mission, Petyr meets an 18-year-old girl who does things to his emotions that he can’t quite fathom or control. Petyr is falling in love, and he almost forgets the gravity his choices have on his entire world. Despite the risk it poses to his life and hers, he wants to know her, and he wants her to know him–and his world.

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Dead Medium

Posted June 17, 2015

“The Strangest Things Happen When You’re Dead.” – May Elizabeth Trump.

First Impressions

Penned as ‘Not your average ghost story,’ I would have to say I agree. It is like nothing of this genre that I’ve read before and I found myself getting sucked into the first chapter. I couldn’t help but like the cantankerous May Elizabeth Trump and some of her lines were hilarious.

I’ve seen ‘Dead Medium’ being advertised around Twitter for a while now, so it was an absolute pleasure to finally find the time to check out the first chapter (and add it to my Goodreads ‘want to read’ list. The writing is of a high standard, the voice brings the character of May to life with the promise of an engaging and hilarious read.

20/6: I read the whole of chapter one to assess it. Read chapter two because I was curious about its direction, and now I’m partway through chapter three (and running out of sample %) so it looks like I’m going to have to buy it…

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Visitations by P.S.Winn

Posted May 7, 2015

<blockquote>The line between us and the next world is thin, sometimes it is so close you feel like you can reach out and touch it. These ten stories look into the phenomenon of the supernatural. Whether you call them spirits, ghosts or angels you can find them inside the covers of this fascinating read that touches the other side in a variety of ways.</blockquote>

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Author Interview: R.R.Virdi

Posted April 2, 2015

I’m RR Virdi, author of The Grave Report, a paranormal investigator series set in NY. I live in Falls Church, Virginia. I’m 25 at the moment, I’d like to keep it that way. I’m predominantly an urban fantasy author, but I have written and will go back to writing fantasy and science fiction. I’m an ex-mechanic and still an avid car lover, video gamer, PC builder and modder. I am also a competitive napper.

  • When did you first discover your love for writing?

Age 18, summer before college, best thing ever.

  • Do you have a favourite place to write?

My room on my custom gaming PC.

  • Do you have a writing routine or process that you adhere to?

No, in all honesty, I would likely benefit from one however.

  • Are there any authors or specific books you aspire to?

Jim Butcher.

  • What inspired you to write Grave Beginnings?

I still don’t have an answer for that, I just did, and do. I don’t decide what I want to write, I just get ideas that I am overly excited about and I chase them.

  • Can you tell us a little about your book?

Grave Beginnings is a paranormal investigator novel set in New York. It follows Vincent Graves, a soul without a body, murdered by the paranormal a long time ago. He is tasked with inhabiting the body of those killed by monsters and using their bodies, skills, and memories to solve their murders for them. The catch with this is that it comes at the cost of his own original memories, the more people he helps, the more of his own memories slip away. The series begins in media res with him having done this for years and no longer aware of his original identity and life.

  • Do you have a favourite amongst all your characters?

Vincent Graves, always Vincent.

  • Does your book contain a message for readers to consider?

Hope, fighting against the odds no matter what. Sometimes you get dealt bad cards in life, it happens, don’t give up, but fight on in spite of that. Play your hand best you can.

  • Would you be interested in sharing a teaser?

Grave Beginnings


  • What would say has been your biggest challenge and achievement in writing Grave Beginnings?

Honestly, the biggest challenge was just getting it done. Life kept trying to get in the way. School, oh man, that and day jobs were trying to keep me away from it all. I was working so hard just to try and hit my desired word counts. It’s a challenge that honestly is still plaguing me at this time in my life. But, I’m dealing with it. I don’t have much of a choice otherwise.

  •  What have you learned about yourself as a writer through writing Grave Beginnings?

That I really love urban fantasy, myths, magic and monsters a great deal more than I originally thought. That I can devote a heck of a lot more time to something that I ever imagined possible, even after that something was done. The constant improvements, editing with my amazing editor, the new cover, all of it. It was a lot of work, still is, worth every second of it too!

  •  Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?

Never stop working and improving on the craft. Never. Write short stories when you can, if you can. Read a lot, write a lot. Everything makes you better. Find excuses to write. I’m still in the process of developing my career, but that advice seems to be working for me. I’m an author with one novel out, and it’s doing pretty well all things considering.

  • Anything else you would like to say?

Give me a million dollars. Please? But seriously, life is short, and that’s a cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. I dropped out of college, I’ll be honest here, I don’t know where my life is going. There are days I am terrified if I did the right thing. But it feels right. I have nothing to fall back on…and yet, I still know writing feels right. I don’t know what my career will look like in ten years, all I know is what I hope it looks like. And that will have to be enough. Most days it is. I’ve written Grave Beginnings, it will be in print soon. Grave Measures is with my wonderfully skilled and amazing editor, and will likely be out by early 2016. The long gap in between books was that life thing I mentioned earlier.

Don’t you hate that?

And I’m writing a new novel/series right now. So I’m working a lot, writing hasn’t given me a fully sustainable career yet, but, I’m still doing it. Something is driving me, something I can’t explain. Sometimes it pays to listen to those somethings in my opinion. Because I’m broke, but you know what? I’m still pretty happy. So yeah.

  • And finally, do you have any future works planned?

I do indeed! I have another urban fantasy series planned, I’m being a good little ink monkey and penning it as I write this, because…I have two monitors. And I have some one off novels planned as well as some short stories that will be free. Yes, free. That magical word. And I have some fantasy epics planned for the future. I’m young and insane. So I have all the time in the world and lunacy to do it all!

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