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Off to See the Wizard by Clay Johnson

Posted September 28, 2016

At the end of most heroic quests, after a plucky band of heroes has averted the apocalypse, all is well, and everyone lives happily ever after… (until the next book in the series.) Now, for the first time, readers get an in depth look into what really happens after the quest. This is the collected case file of the Grand Inquisitor’s investigation into the Misery Reach debacle. Read first hand as the participants try to explain their actions and make their case. Did the Demon Lord Krevassius really try to end the world just to impress a girl? Would everyone be better off if the Wizard Galbraith hadn’t invented a quest in order to stave off criticism? And what about an elf queen peeing on a Minotaur? A swordsman’s losing battle with a young raccoon? And the transvestite assassin with a heart of gold?

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Dragons Among Them by Kyra Jacobs

Posted August 21, 2016

Two secret worlds. One unstoppable passion. A fiery secret that could destroy them all. Prince Zayne Godfrey, heir to Edana’s throne, is betrothed to the lone princess of rival kingdom Forath. While his heart is not in the arranged marriage, he will do his royal duty. When he finds a beautiful stranger cornered by a pack of wolves, he doesn’t hesitate to shift into his golden dragon form to save her. She thanks him by taking one look at him and fainting dead away. Photographer Adelaide Miller is in England for a career-making shoot when a bizarre jogging mishap lands her in a dangerous, medieval-like world of royals, wizards and dragon-shifting men. Her first instinct is to find her way back, but the fire-breathing prince intent on protecting her threatens to melt her heart. Zayne’s burning passion for Adelaide not only jeopardizes the fragile peace between two kingdoms, it uncovers a ruthless plot to destroy his family. Remaining together may change Adelaide’s very definition of home—and expose one searing secret that could forever shift the balance of power in Zayne’s world.

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A Facet for the Gem (The Tale of Eaglefriend Book One) by C. L. Murray

Posted May 7, 2016

In a land of eagle-riding knights, bloodthirsty beasts, and a ruthless prince, no border is safe for long. And as smoke billows from the only blockade standing between the great city of Korindelf and certain doom, young Morlen races to escape the inevitable siege. Thrust from the chaos with thousands of snapping jaws on his trail, he discovers that the abilities he’s buried all his life are awakening—and it could not have happened at a worse time.
War has come, and he doesn’t dare rely on his untested talents after stealing the coveted Goldshard, which makes strength and invincibility just a panicked whisper away. His dependency on it carries him through many dangers, until it becomes an enemy far worse than those he must fight hand-to-hand. And the allies he meets on his quest are just as troubled: a legendary warrior too afraid to leave his sheltered paradise, a wizard tormented by his past, and a disgraced king who has lost any hope of saving his people.
A FACET FOR THE GEM is a coming of age fantasy that brings Morlen from distant kingdoms to sprawling airborne battles, into the fiery breath of a stony dragon and side-by-side with a lady knight who is the last person in need of rescue. Follow him as his epic adventures culminate in a final showdown against swords, fangs, and greatest of all: his own fear.

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Review: Equivocal Destines by Raymond Clarke

Posted March 7, 2016

Equivocal Destines is one of many books I’ve listed on this website but never really found the time to read it, except now I have, and what a great little read it turned out to be, well, not so much of the little…

In a world plagued by hordes warped by magic into creatures hell-bent on the destruction of mankind, where elemental magic holds sway and determines your lot in life, Taal is of the water, which should assure him a place among the revered rudas, protecting his city and assuring him the wealth it bestows. But centuries ago, it was a water wizard who caused The Change that precipitated all of the disasters that followed, and now, being a water wizard is the lowest of the low.

With dreams much bigger than life in Takelberorl will allow a lowly water-boy, Taal sets out on a journey that will change his world forever. In reality, he’s a typical, sixteen-year-old boy who’s only following the pretty girl, but those electric-blue eyes (and said pretty girl’s older brother) just won’t let up on the whole Destiny thing.

From the battle-scarred plains that surround the place of his birth, through regal cities and across pristine mountain wildernesses full of mysterious forces, Taal and his makeshift band of renegades search valiantly in a quest to unmask the evil forces conspiring to annihilate all races. Taking heart-pounding risks and suffering tumultuous trials, the team experiences both horrific battles and unexpected delights.


The Story Telling

Equivocal Destines tells the story of Taal, a fifteen, going on sixteen, year old water wizard. Life is simple. He works in the fields watering crops three times a day, lives with his mother in pitifully poor conditions, and owing to the fact he is ‘of the water,’ he gets very little respect from his fellow citizens.

This story begins with an introduction to Taal, his good friend Rah, and some of the shenanigans they get up to. These two young men may well live under the threat of hoards attacking their walled city at a moment’s notice, but they must also deal with girl problems (if only she would notice him), peer rivalry and compulsory weapon training.

The plot is weaved at a steady pace as the reader is introduced to what life is like in Takelberorl. It is a dull life, broken only by the arrival of carnival acts and a weapons fayre…and without meaning spoiling too much for you, the recent movements among the hoards.

My thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed Equivocal Destines. I couldn’t help but like Taal, although I found myself pitying his predicament, I mean, who wants to be ‘of the water’ when it was the water wizards who caused ‘The Change,’ effectively ruining the world for future generations? Despite this, Taal has strong morals, a strong bond with friends and family, and at the times that matter, he has the courage to do the right thing.

The writing is very descriptive, and the story blends through this. Although it takes a while for the physical ‘journey’ to  commence, the emotional journey begins from page one.

If you enjoy fantasy books with depth to the characters, and rich world building, then I would highly recommend Equivocal Destines, even though there is a sharp ending (cliffhanger) which leaves you yearning to read the next book in the series.




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The Crimson Claymore by Craig A. Price jr.

Posted January 18, 2016

The brave warrior Searon is haunted by the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of the savage reptilian draeyks, who are on a bloodthirsty rampage. He walks the land of Calthoria alone and thirsty for vengeance. He hunts the creatures down one by one, showing no mercy.

But Searon is a one-man army—and no match for the legions of murderous draeyks. Lucky for him, the powerful wizard Karceoles finds him during his travels and enlists Searon in this coming war. Karceoles believes Searon can unite the races to defeat the draeyks once and for all.

Searon discovers he can do more damage with Karceoles and a band of warriors they find along the way. But as the war rages in earnest, Searon must make a choice: Is it more important to destroy the draeyks at all costs, or will his quest for vengeance endanger the lives of his new brothers and sisters at arms?

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Bound to Survive by Sharon Gibbs

Posted November 11, 2015

~~~~Bound To Survive is a Finalist for Action/Adventure~~~
~~~In the 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards ~~~

Welcome to Solencia, a realm where the people live in peace and Wizards govern…

Until that fateful day, treachery swept across the land to slaughter the magic upon the mountain.
Told of in prophecy, a boy is torn from the love of his family and is ‘Bound’ with magic to survive. He is hidden from those who seek to destroy him as the people struggle to survive under the rule of a tyrant Lord and his evil Sorceress, and magic becomes a hidden art.
Over the years, the young boy grows discontent…
Until the day, a secret is revealed… a journey begins… and a choice is made.
A choice, which will be for all in the realm.
Join Christopher and his friends as they begin a journey of discovery, a coming of age tale, which will see them face danger more than once and have them hatch a daring escape. Race with them across the country in a bid to save his love from certain death and find out how a secret will change the world they live in. Bound to Survive is a coming of age story of sword and sorcery, wizardly love, war and intrigue steeped in a mystical age of magic.

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Crossbones: Episode 1 by Stefan M. Nardi

Posted October 15, 2015

A thrilling, swashbuckling new fantasy for fans of Jim Butcher, the Starz TV series Black Sails and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.For two hundred years, the world of Alarisia has lived through a great age of piracy. Men take to the seas to seek their fortune or die trying. Controlled by the seven pirate lords and hounded by the world navy, they sack and pillage their way across the oceans. But not all prosper under their rule, for many the pirate lords create only misery and death. Dean and Eldric Whittaker have never known their parents, orphaned in a pirate raid on their village the two brothers were raised by the mysterious wizard Rorschach. The only clue to their heritage, their strange abilities to control the elements of Ice and Fire. Harboring a hate for the pirate lords and a thirst for revenge, the brothers set out on their own voyage. But in a world inhabited by monsters and ruled by men with the power of gods, can they survive long enough to achieve their goal?

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Author Interview: Aida Jacobs

Posted September 29, 2015


Aida JacobsBio:

My name is Aida Jacobs, I am a thirty-three year old, self-published, fantasy author. When I am not tirelessly toiling away on my writing, I love spending time with my loving, supportive husband, and our inquisitive daughter in Minnesota where we make our home.

When did you first discover your love for writing?
Fifteen years ago during my Senior year of highschool, I found myself with a free period that needed to be filled, so on a whim, I signed up for creative writing. I signed up for the class because I knew the teacher from other classes, and I liked her. She was very animated and passionate about what she taught, and it translated over into her lessons, so I knew that I would enjoy the class regardless. However, what I did not expect was to be bitten by the writing bug. Some people are bitten by the acting bug, but once I started writing…I simply couldn’t stop.

Do you have a favourite place to write?

Thanks to Google Docs, I can write anywhere via my phone or tablet whenever I get an idea while I’m out running errands, but my favorite place to write is at my desk at home. It’s where I have all my reference materials (among which is a map I drew of the kingdom I created). This location gives me ready access to the all-important coffee maker after all, and sometimes getting up to get a fresh cup of delicious caffeine is all I need to think of a solution to a scene that was giving me trouble.

Do you have a writing routine or process that you adhere to?

Whenever I find myself dealing with writer’s block, I write fanfiction. I know that some people roll their eyes at such a thing, but I find it to be a valuable writing tool because it gets my mind off of what has me stuck and thereby forces me to think of something else so I don’t drive myself crazy by not being able to write my way out of a problematic scene right away.

Are there any authors or specific books you aspire to?

Tolkien will always hold a special place in my heart because my first exposure to the world of fantasy was my father reading The Hobbit aloud to me when I was a child. Every night, he would read a chapter to me, and he even did voices for the various characters. It was from that first night that I became hooked on the world in which magic and dragons ran rampant. I also enjoy Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt and have often looked to those books as a guide on how to incorporate humor into an otherwise dismal situation.

What inspired you to write your Primordyan Chronicles?

This goes back to my creative writing class in high school. In the class, the students had to turn in a new project at the end of every week. It did not matter if it was a short story or a collection of poems, so long as it (or they) were original works. At the time, I had trouble grasping the concept writing a short story (it was the concept of compressing an entire plot into only a few pages that illuded me), and poetry was something I reserved for whenever I felt upset or depressed. So, on a whim, I approached my teacher a posed the concept of writing a novel wherein I would turn in a new chapter at the end of each week. My teacher agreed to my idea very enthusiastically, and I spent that night brainstorming.

I thought it would be best to stick with what I loved, and so the story that took shape over the course of the year was a fantasy with strong Celtic influences. I had no idea at the time that I was in fact writing the very first draft (there have been many drafts since that first one) of what would eventually become Dragon Guardian: Fire which serves as the cornerstone for my Primordyan Chronicles.

Can you tell us a little about your book?

In Dragon Guardian: Fire, the reader is introduced to Marin Draconya, the half-elven princess and protagonist of my series, as she is literally thrown into a life and death situation from the very first page with no explanation at all from her father mere minutes before her entire family is slaughtered. Upon surviving by the skin of her teeth, she is later rescued by Nicodemus, a powerful wizard, who explains to her the truth of destiny to become a Dragon Guardian–a rare mage with the power to command dragons as well as the powers they wield–and restore peace to the war-torn land of Primordya. Accompanied by her loyal companions, Marin then embarks upon her quest to merge her soul with the Fire Dragon, the first of the four Elemental Dragons, so she can acquire his power and begin achieving her destiny.

In Dragon Guardian: Water, Marin now finds the powers of the Water Dragon awakening within her. However, before she can join with the second dragon, she finds herself abducted by pirates! As though that were not troublesome enough, the land of Primordya finds itself facing a new, impending war upon its shores in addition to the constant threat of Nahga–leaving Marin’s companions unable to rescue her. Alone in the middle of the ocean, Marin must find her way back home if she is to have any hope of achieving her destiny, but this seems a completely impossible task when she finds herself suddenly bereft of her powers.

Do you have a favourite amongst all your characters?

They are all my babies! They are each precious and special in their own ways, and I love them all for the different facets that they add to the story.

Does your book contain a message for readers to consider?

Nothing is impossible!

Would you be interested in sharing a teaser?

(The following is a teaser from Dragon Guardian: Fire)


“They’ve picked up the girl’s scent.”

“She couldn’t have gone far. Lucky thing since the sun is rising higher.”

“Stay close on their tails. Remember…Queen Nahga wants the half-breed brat alive.”

Marin’s blood ran cold and she was filled with a renewed burst of adrenaline as she leapt to her feet and rushed deeper into the woods at a full sprint. Yet, for all her fear and adrenaline, Marin could not deny the fact that she was growing weary any more than she could ignore the burning of her lungs or the sharp aches in her sides. However, she dared not stop. The howling of the large beasts chasing her coupled with the mental image of them sinking their teeth into her flesh provided more than an incentive to continue on her mad race for survival.

She did not know where she was going, and at that moment she did not care. She had to live—if only to ensure that the sacrifices made by her family had not been in vain.

She had to live!

It felt as though she had been running for hours, but in reality, Marin had no idea how much time had passed since her escape. While the grey of dawn had been chased away, she was in no position to see where the sun hung in the sky. Even when she finally burst out of the woods, she paid the sun’s position no heed, choosing rather to find a place to hide. Happening to glance over her shoulder as she ran up a hill with the intention of crossing the river which awaited her on the other side, she did not see the adolescent, auburn-haired girl kneeling in her path.

Kneeling just past the top of the hill, the young woman—no doubt a resident of the nearby village of Metallum—had been in the process of gathering berries for her family’s morning meal, and she let out a surprised squeak upon seeing the sprinting girl barreling towards her. Turning her gaze back at the surprised sound, Marin saw the girl too late and collided with her head on—causing the both of them to fall to the ground in a tangle of arms and legs. Marin’s cloak fell from her shoulders as she struggled to her feet but she paid it no heed.

“What the blazes?” the girl demanded in an annoyed tone as she glared up at the wild-eyed girl before gathering up her basket of berries.

“Run!” Marin screamed breathlessly.

“From what?” the girl asked in confusion.

Marin did not take the time to answer. Rather, she sprinted down the hill until she came to the Flumen River into which she then jumped and allowed the rough, swift-flowing water to sweep her downstream.

“What was all that about?” the young girl muttered to herself while shaking her head before her gaze fell upon the fallen cloak. Deciding it best not to allow the perfectly good article of clothing to go to waste, the girl simply shrugged and picked up the cloak before tying it around her own shoulders. Then, with her freshly picked berries in hand, she turned…

Just as a large, black, seemingly incorporeal wolf attacked her.

The massive animal of living shadow leapt into the air—throwing all of its great weight against the girl’s slender frame and knocking her to the ground. The girl screamed, but to no avail. Fueled by the young woman’s terror and relishing in its potency, the beast ripped out her throat. The other shadow hounds closed in upon their dying victim and mauled her face and arms as the young woman made a last, futile effort to protect herself–the grass running red with her blood.

It was then that the dark elves burst through the tree line and sprinted up the hill towards the hounds.

“Stop! Get off!” The elf pulled a bottle from his small satchel and uncorked it–allowing a blinding flash of light to escape and make the hounds vanish without a trace.

“It’s too late,” another elf said. “She’s dead.”

“No… we’re dead when Nahga discovers this!” another snapped. “She wanted us to bring the girl back alive not as a half-mangled corpse!”

“Just bring the body and blame it on the hounds. It is their fault.”

“He’s right. It’s better than coming back empty handed.”

“I hope you’re right…for all our sakes.”

The dark elves took the girl’s mangled body, wrapped it in a large piece of cloth, and began dragging it back to where they knew Nahga would be waiting.


Dragon Guardian

What would say has been your biggest challenge and achievement in writing your Primordyan Chronicles?
I would have to say that my biggest challenge was finding the courage to self-publish after being rejected by every publishing house to which I submitted my work. Naturally, every rejection I received over the years made me question my writing skills because no matter how much I tweaked and revised Dragon Guardian: Fire after every rejection in attempts to make it better, publishing houses still turned me away. But then, after a nearly fatal medical procedure, I decided not to waste another moment waiting for someone else to decide my work was worth publishing. Life is short, so I took matters into my own hands, and now my books are available on Amazon, Kindle, as well as bn.com. It still blows my mind to go to either place and find my work there for all to see!

My biggest achievement would have to be developing a small clutch of fans. I would have been happy with just one person who enjoyed my stories and my characters, but…as it turns out, there’s more than one. I’m not pretending to have a legion, not by any means, but the limited number doesn’t make them any less important to me. I treasure and appreciate every, single one of them, and I can only hope that they will continue to enjoy my writing.

What have you learned about yourself as a writer through writing your Primordyan Chronicles?

I have learned that I am deeply attached to all my characters because they have been part of my life for so long. This was never made clearer to me than while I was writing Dragon Guardian: Water and I killed off one of my characters. The death was necessary to the plot, but that did not make me grieve the loss any less.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?

If you truly believe that you have a story that is worth telling, then do not give up! Even if you have to go the self-publishing route because publishing houses don’t believe your story is worth their time, do not give up. If you truly believe that your story is good, then don’t let anyone tell you “no”.

Anything else you would like to say?

While it’s good to have a basic idea for your characters, never set all of their details in stone. While they exist only on paper, characters still have life. They must be allowed to grow and evolve organically as their story progresses or else they, as well as the story, fall flat.

And finally, do you have any future works planned?
I have two more books planned for what will be the core of my series. I am currently writing Dragon Guardian: Air, and the one to follow will be Dragon Guardian: Earth. After these two books, I plan on writing a prequel as well as a few “sequels” which will focus on characters that served secondary roles or who were simply referenced to in the four, core books. I’m really looking forward to expanding upon the world I created and further fleshing out characters that have either only been referenced to in passing or have yet to have their true moment in the spotlight.

Twitter: @Primordya4ever

Website: http://bookfairy1216.wix.com/aida-jacobs

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/primordyanchronicles

Dragon Guardian