The Fuller’s Apprentice by Angela HolderThe Fuller's Apprentice (The Chronicles of Tevenar, #1) by Angela Holder
Genres: Apprentice, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Magic

All Josiah wants is a little excitement. His work as an apprentice fuller is boring, and playing in the mill’s machinery isn’t that dangerous. Everything goes fine—at first.
All right, he’s lucky the wizard Elkan and his familiar, a donkey named Sar, are there to save his life. Even better, when his furious master fires him, Elkan offers him a job as his assistant. Josiah jumps at the chance. Traveling around Tevenar for a year, meeting all sort of interesting people, helping the dedicated young wizard and clever donkey serve them with the Mother’s healing magic—what could be more fun?
But Josiah soon learns that while matters of life and death may be exciting, they’re seldom fun. Impulsive actions, even when taken with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences. And some choices have the power to change the future of Tevenar forever.

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About Angela Holder

The Fuller's Apprentice

I live in Houston, Texas, with my husband of twenty-four years. I have three children: one starting high school, one starting college, and one grown, married, and out on her own. I spend a lot of time in Starbucks, drinking vanilla lattes and flat whites and telling stories about my imaginary friends. I enjoy dabbling in many hobbies, including spinning, knitting, weaving, costuming, hot air ballooning, singing in my church choir, and performing in amateur musicals.

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