The Girl from the North by Cat BrunoThe Girl from the North by Cat Bruno

Series: Pathway of the Chosen
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Kindle Unlimited, Paranormal, ShapeShifter

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When a dark stranger, beautiful and haunting, approaches the flame-haired girl on a solitary stretch of beach, she senses that her life at the Healer's Academy is about to change. As his hands reach for her forehead, gliding across it with intimacy and purpose, suddenly, she remembers who he is, and who he has been. Yet, still, Bronwen wonders why she was chosen and fears what the mysterious man's presence in her life will mean. Before he turns to leave, she asks why he has come and why it has been her he sought.His reply silences her.”Rexaria,” he whispers, low and gruff, yet louder than the tumbling sea and the screaming gulls flying overhead.Somehow, Bronwen understands. Kingmaker.

In the first book in the Pathway of the Chosen series, we meet Bronwen, a healer-in-training, who arrived at the Academy as a child with no memory of who she was or where she had come from. Soon, we learn that there is much that she keeps hidden. Her fire-streaked hair marks her as a Northerner, far from her homeland, yet she recalls nothing of her time there. Until she is visited by Conri, the High Lord of the Wolf Tribe. It is he who lets her remember. But what will those memories bring? Follow Bronwen as she explores what it means to be god-touched.

About Cat Bruno

Cat Bruno

Midwest Book Review praised Cat Bruno’s debut novel, The Girl from the North, as, “Exceptional entertainment with deftly created characters and unexpected plot twists.” Now, a year later, Ms. Bruno continues the story of her strong female protagonist with the second book in the series, Daughter of the Wolf.

Slated for a January 2016 national release, Daughter of the Wolf seamlessly crosses genres, with elements of fantasy and romance, which readers of fantasy and young adult literature will find pleasing. For those looking for diversity in fiction and atypical fantasy characters, Ms. Bruno offers an engaging read with uncommon voices.

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