This is just an observation, well, I suppose it’s a bit of a moan too, but it’s more of an observation. Imagine finding a really great book on Amazon, wanting to connect to the author, and then nothing: no Amazon page, no results on the big wide world of Google, no Facebook, no twitter – no nothing.

sherlock-holmesI see a lot of posts and updates from authors wanting to know to get their book ‘out there,’ and rightfully so; they’ve spent upwards of a year writing them, but unless an author has the money to pay for a good marketing campaign, that work might seems fruitless. There are after all, millions of books ‘out there’.

Returning to the reader’s perspective, it is so frustrating when you want to follow an author, but can’t.

I know Facebook is a pain, and not everyone knows how to connect on Twitter and the like, but really, if nothing else, they are a great medium for readers to find and follow newly discovered authors.

From what I can gather, the process of signing up for an Amazon page is quite straightforward, and if a book has been uploaded, then why not create an Amazon page? You can add your biography, connect it to your website, blog and social media accounts, and it is another means of promotion. You don’t have to be the greatest conversationalist to post updates – just yourself.

If you don’t have an Amazon author page (but would like one), click the image below to start the process:


And if you would like to set up a Facebook page or Twitter account, I’ve written some step by step guides:

Setting up a Facebook Author (Writer) Page

Signing up to Twitter



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