The One Who Had To by Kim Moyer

The One Who Had To by Kim Moyer
Series: The Amy Musil Series #1
Genres: Action & Adventure, Mystery

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In today’s society, the concept of fight or flight has been dormant for years. When the current culture keeps the weak and the strong equally safe, it takes extraordinary measures to bring out extraordinary acts.

Meet Amy Musil: Caught in a dangerous situation, Amy is backed into a corner. As she fights to regain control, she discovers a unique set of skills lurking below her surface.

Amy is genetically gifted to excel in the characteristics her captors are seeking. She finds herself surprised at her own capabilities, and her situation worsening. Follow Amy as she discovers her unique self, her uncovered capabilities, and her unexpected future.
Starts off high thriller and transitions into stead suspense toward the end. Expect a twist ending and a sequel continuing the story of Amy Musil.


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