Stranger's ObituaryMina just wanted to live in a quiet house in a quiet town. She didn’t want her life to be changed in anyway. So when her sister, who’d made it big in California, drops in on Mina without warning, Mina’s world is thrown into upheaval. With the paparazzi following Bernadette to Auburn, Nebraska, everything changes. There’s one dark-eyed man who seems to see straight into Mina’s soul and won’t stop at anything until he gets to know her better.

Auburn holds its own little secrets. The veil between this world and the next is thin there. Almost everyone in that town is used to the odd, but even Mina’s desire to be left alone is considered extreme. When her sister came, it stirred up more than anyone expected. A strange woman comes to Bernadette begging for help, and Auburn faces a decades old mystery that causes Mina to question everything she’s kept silent about for so many years.

My Opinion:

This book starts out just like any book with a stay-at-home big sister with a movie star little sister. Mina takes it to the extreme and is agoraphobic. Her sister arriving one night threw everything into a tizzy. Bernadette is your typical starlet, thinking everything revolves around her even though she just wants to be left alone for awhile. She’s trying to cope with her boyfriend’s cheating and her own reaction to finding out. Running home seemed to be her only option. The usual players pop up. Bernadette’s old love, a rival for his affections who hates Bernadette and her sister, and that one odd paparazzi guy who wants to be more. Toss in a body and you have the makings of a book that follows a set path, one that’s been well-trod before. However, once you know the main players, the author veers off to the left and takes the reader on a crazy journey into a world where the paranormal is normal. Where the future could be held in a fresh baked cookie, and the memories of the past are carried in a melody.

Bernadette could have been a tad bit more flashy, but we find out that she’s lost herself. She had always taken on the roles that people had assigned to her and she’d never taken time to find out who she was. Having known true agoraphobics, I’d have to say Jessica Randall nailed Mina pretty good. It is amusing that Mina is a travel blogger and makes her living that way, especially since she hasn’t stepped foot out of Auburn, Nebraska since their mother moved them there years ago.

The book was well-written. I got this copy a long time ago, so I don’t know if any updates or changes have been made to it. The most disturbing thing about it was the initial formatting errors. Being in contact with authors on a regular basis, I know that formatting is not easy. However, this did not detract much from the story. I only noticed the formatting right at the very beginning. By now, it could very well be fixed. There were a few errors here and there, but not so many that it detracted from the story. All in all, it was quite well done and I enjoyed reading it. I read it in a single day, as a matter of fact. It was an easy and fun read. I also didn’t know it is technically the second in a series. It easily stands on its own, unlike many series books. I’d recommend it if you wanted something quick and fun to read.