Zephyr The West WindZephyr The West Wind by R.J. Tolson

Series: Chaos Chronicles Series #1
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Published on August, 2012

17 years ago, in the island village of Dentro, lived a large and powerful demon. With just a howl, mountains were obliterated. With the help of an outsider, the chief of Dentro destroyed the demon and sealed it's dark power within three powerful ancient weapons: A spear, shield, and a sword. After leaving the unwelcoming village, the man who helped destroy the demon took the sword in an effort to keep the village and it?s people safe. Months later, a villager bore the son of the outsider, breaking one of the sacred village laws in doing so. Born into a village filled with hateful people, Zephyr grew up without knowing why he was hated. With no friends, and eventually no family with the passing of his mother, Zephyr was forced to survive by himself as an outcast. Zephyr's only wish, being to make his mother proud and force the village to recognize him while surviving in a world filled with demons, paranormal abilities, love, hate, and undiscovered lands.

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