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Hashtag: #IARTG

#IARTG This is another of my favourites for tweeting about Independent authors and their books, and they really helped me out with lots of shoutouts when I was started out (for which, I am very grateful). IARTG has a substantial following (74.8k at the time of writing) and how it works is that you follow […]

Hashtag: #SFRTG

#SFRTG A new hashtag for this week’s post – new as in I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. The stats on only go back four weeks, so at a guess, I’d say this hashtag is new ‘new.’ It’s a nice easy one for the science fiction authors to use though, and I […]

Hashtag: #indiebooksbeseen

#indiebooksbeseen It seems prudent to begin with one that is not only popular but strives to help indie authors ‘be seen.’ The hashtag was started by @MarktheShaw (Keeper of the Wind on Twitter), an author of young adult books. ‘This is not just a hashtag. This is a movement…’ Mark’s aim is to draw attention to […]

Hashtag Tuesday

Hashtag Tuesday We all know (or should) that hashtags are an important part of marketing our books and promoting our author platforms. I’m a little bit of a stat obsessive, so how better to put that to use than to examine some of the more influential hashtags available (mostly on Twitter, mind). A few authors […]