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Hashtag: #IARTG

Posted July 28, 2015


This is another of my favourites for tweeting about Independent authors and their books, and they really helped me out with lots of shoutouts when I was started out (for which, I am very grateful).

IARTG has a substantial following (74.8k at the time of writing) and how it works is that you follow @IARTG. Once you have done so, you can then use the hashtag as well as sharing tweets of interest to you that are using it. I’ve found a few great books to read via IARTG.

Hashtag connections…

As you can see from the hashtagify embedded below, IARTG works well with a lot of other great hashtags and a combination of these will (hopefully) see your tweet spreading far and wide.

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Hashtag: #SFRTG

Posted July 21, 2015


A new hashtag for this week’s post – new as in I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. The stats on only go back four weeks, so at a guess, I’d say this hashtag is new ‘new.’

It’s a nice easy one for the science fiction authors to use though, and I am sure that with time, it will grow into rather a popular hashtag.

To use this hashtag, simply follow @SciFiRTG and if you use the hashtag SFRTG, they will give you a retweet (obviously if you see it in your feed and you like the tweet accompanying it, give it a wee retweet yourself and get word of the book as far reaching as you can.)

Hashtag: #indiebooksbeseen

Posted July 14, 2015


It seems prudent to begin with one that is not only popular but strives to help indie authors ‘be seen.’ The hashtag was started by @MarktheShaw (Keeper of the Wind on Twitter), an author of young adult books.

‘This is not just a hashtag. This is a movement…’

Mark’s aim is to draw attention to the outside world through the unification of indie authors and promote independent / self-published books as ‘trendy‘. Events arranged around this hashtag include #25daysofindie, a secret Santa giveaway and more recently #indieprideday (authors/readers posing proudly with an indie book) and an indie book catalog. As I’m sure you may have gathered, this combination of letters is certainly much more than ‘just’ another hashtag.

I have to confess to it being one of my favourites. I’ve a lowish following (about 3,000 people over two twitter accounts) but the response is always good. Retweets range between about four and ten – sometimes less, sometimes more. A lot depends on the book being advertised, the wording and how #indiebooksbeseen is incorporated into the tweet. Although, there is, of course, the factor of who is ‘on’ Twitter at the time and what time zone in the world is awake and active.

Relationship to other hashtags:

According to hashtagify #Indiebooksbeseen links to the following hashtags and has an important role to play in the promotion of your indie books:


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A few more stats:

And this is what Ritetag has to say about #indiebooksbeseen

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And on a final note:

I personally think this is a great little hashtag, especially as a lot of time and effort is put into making it so much more. If you are an independent author I would certainly advise you to get involved and make the hashtag reach out that little bit further:

Indiebooksbeseen website

Facebook group

Facebook community page

Creator’s twitter account (@marktheshaw) 

Hashtag Tuesday

Posted July 10, 2015

Hashtag Tuesday

We all know (or should) that hashtags are an important part of marketing our books and promoting our author platforms. I’m a little bit of a stat obsessive, so how better to put that to use than to examine some of the more influential hashtags available (mostly on Twitter, mind).

A few authors I’ve helped get started on Twitter have been amazed by the results of using specific hashtags versus a more generic #fiction #book (for example), and so, I thought it might be prudent to blog about some of these. Obviously you need to find the hashtags that work for your style of writing and genre, but hopefully it will give you a few ideas to consider.

I have written about hashtags before (which you can read about here) but Hashtag Tuesday will concentrate on individual ones. I’ll also set up an index of some description for niche genres so you don’t have to plough through a zillion posts to find what you’re looking for.

I shall post up the first one of Tuesday, and every Tuesday thereafter until I run out of hashtags to talk about (can’t see that happening for a while, but you never know).

If you would like to talk about your own experiences with hashtags, I accept guest posts (which also helps to promote your blog – search engine optimisation and all that – so it’s worth thinking about).