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Automating Twitter… to a point.

I thought it might be prudent to talk about some of the software I use to assist with time┬ámanagement on Twitter, as once the follows and unfollows, tweets and re-tweets begin, as well as┬áthe direct messages and mentions, it can get a little mind boggling. I use three types of software to assist in the […]

Twitter sign up and profile settings

Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows users to have multiple accounts, so for example, you might want to keep your author account separate from your personal life (I don’t, but I do keep the book promotion side of my business separate from the editing side.) Signing up to Twitter is easy: You just visit the sign up […]

Designing your Author (Facebook) Page

With your author page set up (step by step instruction for which can be found here), it’s time to get down to the task of personalising it. Facebook provides two places in which to present a graphic that best sums up you (the author/writer), be it a photograph, graphic, banner or logo. Both can be […]