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Author Interview: J.D.Cunegan

Posted May 14, 2016

J.D.CuneganFresh off his debut novel Bounty, J.D. Cunegan introduces his intense follow-up, Blood Ties, a mixture of murder mystery and superhero epic that re-introduces the reader to his comic book-inspired storytelling and fast-paced prose. A 2006 graduate of Old Dominion University, Cunegan has an extensive background in journalism and a lifelong love for writing. Cunegan lives in Hampton, Virginia, enjoys reading, and is an avid auto racing fan.

  • When did you first discover your love for writing?


When I was 11, I picked up my first-ever comic book, an issue of X-Men from the Chris Claremont/Jim Lee era. I’d never been much of a reader up to that point, and I certainly had never entertained the thought of writing, but once I got into comic books, it was like a switch had been flipped. By the time I got to high school, I was creating my own characters and crafting stories for them. By the time I got to college, I started studying journalism, and my career as a sports writer kept me writing, even when the creative juices weren’t there. But I’ve been writing, in one form or another, since I was 11 years old, and I have comic books to thank for that.


  • Do you have a favourite place to write?


I don’t really have a favourite place to write, purely out of necessity. My day job is extremely time-consuming, and it keeps me on the road for days or weeks at a time, so I have to be flexible about when and where I can write. I’ve written in my office, in airports, on planes, in hotel rooms… if I have the time and the space, I can write almost anywhere.


  • Do you have a writing routine or process that you adhere to?


Much like I can’t afford to have one place in particular, I don’t really have a set routine. I don’t outline my novels beforehand; outside of a general idea of a book’s plot, I’m very much a pantser. It can sometimes make the editing process a pain in the butt, but I find the less I plan, the more freedom I have when writing. Sometimes, that freedom leads to some pleasant surprises – and if I’m surprised as the writer, something tells me my readers will be surprised, too.


  • Are there any authors or specific books you aspire to?


Not necessarily. If I spend too much time aspiring to be something or someone other than myself, then my work suffers. Reading helps my writing in several different ways, but at no point have I sat down and thought “I want to be the next so-and-so” or “I want to write the next insert-title-here.”


  • What inspired you to write Bounty/Blood Ties?


I created Jill, the protagonist, when I was in high school… and it’s a character and a universe that’s grown over the years as I’ve grown. Of all the characters I’ve created, Jill is my favourite, so it’s only right that my first published works are with her in them. The cop doubling as a superhero angle had always intrigued me, and I’m glad I get to play around with genre convention a little bit in that regard.


  • Can you tell us a little about your book?


Blood Ties centers around the mystery of Jill’s father. In the first novel, Bounty, we Blood Ties ebookestablish that Jill’s father had once been a detective, like her, but that he had fallen from grace after being convicted of three murders and sentenced to death. Blood Ties finally answers the central questions: 1) Did Jill’s father actually commit those murders? 2) Will he actually be executed? From there, Blood Ties unravels a grand conspiracy involving a shadowy cult called The Order, and they’re quite intent on making sure Jill doesn’t survive long enough to properly deal with what happens to her father.


  • Do you have a favourite amongst all your characters?


Jill is the obvious favourite, but I want to point to a character making his debut in Blood Ties: Detective Earl Stevens. He’s a former college football player who’s been on the force for about 15 years, and his dialogue is some of the most unique and colourful I’ve ever written. He’s not a great interrogator, but I found myself writing a few chapters in which Earl interrogated someone, just so I could see what kind of stuff would fly out of his mouth. I wasn’t disappointed, and I don’t think the readers will be either.


  • Does your book contain a message for readers to consider?


I haven’t gotten too heavy-handed with messages in either Bounty or Blood Ties yet… though through Jill, I do convey the message of even one person making a difference (and conversely, how much can one person really do, in the grand scheme of things?). But my next book, Behind the Badge, will be message-heavy, tackling the issues of police brutality and racism.

  • What would say has been your biggest challenge and achievement in writing these Bounty novels?


The biggest challenge is always knowing when the book’s ready. There’s no solid end point when it comes to editing and revising, so it’s hard to tell sometimes when it’s ready to be published. There have been times where I’ve felt my book was ready, only to discover there was a lot of work still to do on it. The line is hard to see, harder to reach, and sometimes, you don’t realize you’re there until you’ve blown right past it.


  • What have you learned about yourself as a writer through writing these first two novels?


That I can actually finish a project. The last decade or so has been littered with WIPs that held a lot of promise and were just… abandoned at some point. I never even finished the first draft. But now that I have two full-length novels and a digital short (Boundless) under my belt… I know I can see a project through to completion, and that really helps on days in which the words aren’t coming.


  • Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?


The best way to improve as a writer is to write. Simple as that. The second best way? Read. Read as much as you can, as often as you can. Don’t just read stuff similar to what you’re writing, either; read everything you can get your hands on. Even reading the newspaper can help. Also, I’m generally loathe to recommend books on writing, but Stephen King’s On Writing is as close to a must-have as it gets.


  • Anything else you would like to say?


Never sweat the quality of your first draft. You’re not going to be Stephen King or James Patterson on the first draft (hell, Stephen King and James Patterson aren’t Stephen King and James Patterson on the first draft). Trust the editing process. Trust someone else, more than one if possible, to read your work at some point. Another pair of eyeballs will always catch more stuff than you will.


  • And finally, do you have any future works planned?


Behind the Badge, the third Bounty novel, is set to be released in June. I’m also writing the fourth novel in the series, Behind the Mask. I also have two separate projects in the works: a political thriller titled The Pen is Mighty and a supernatural epic titled Notna. I hope to have all three of those out by the end of 2017.

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Blood Ties by J.D. Cunegan

Posted April 29, 2016

For as long as Jill Andersen could remember, her father was a hero.
But heroes don’t commit murder, do they? The state of Maryland said Paul Andersen did just that, three times over, and was set to execute him for it. But Jill and the rest of her colleagues at the Baltimore Police Department come across the murder of a law student that leaves her hopeful that she can clear her father’s name.
While Jill and her colleagues work against the clock to clear her father’s name, new players emerge, hinting to a deeper, darker conspiracy than what was previously known. An enigmatic faction known as The Order reveals itself, and the mystery surrounding Paul’s alleged duplicity leaves more questions than answers.
Along the way, Jill must not only face the possibility that her father was not who she thought he was, but she must also face the prospect of her secret being revealed. The stakes are higher than ever in Blood Ties, the intense follow-up to J.D. Cunegan’s debut mystery Bounty.
Can Jill save her father before it’s too late? Will she even want to?

[goodreviews isbn=”B01976J8SW” buyinfo=”off” bookinfo=”off”]

Paperback release of Grave Beginnings

Posted November 4, 2015

Grave BeginningsAfter much arm-twisting and nagging and encouraging and pleading, R.R.Virdi has finally released Grave Beginnings on paperback.

Priced at $14.99/£9.76 this book is a fast-paced read and worth every cent/penny. It has been on sale in ebook format since December 2013.

At the time of writing has amassed an amazing 107 reviews (some of which you can read for yourself if you scroll down a little).

The Blurb:

As far as numbers go, it isn’t a great one. Hell, it’s not even a good one and Vincent Graves is going to find out just how unlucky of a number it can be.
Because someone, or something, is killing people in the Empire state, and whatever it is, it gives people everything they ever desired and more. And it’s the more that’s the problem!
Well…it’s one of the problems.
Vincent’s investigation also seems to have drawn the attention of a relentless FBI agent and then there’s the little bit where he has only thirteen hours to solve the case, or he dies.
Talk about your literal deadlines….
…No pressure.
By the end of this case Vincent will come to understand the meaning of an age old proverb: Be careful what you wish for – because you just might get it!


The Reviews:

[goodreviews isbn=”B00HIN97WO” buyinfo=”off” bookinfo=”off”]

Nick Slick, Private Dick: A Twisted Tale of Smokin’ Hot Zombie Noir Gone Mad… by Jameson Tucker

Posted April 18, 2015

What do you do when walking-dead prostitutes are taking over the streets of the city? If you’re Nick Slick, you pop a used breath mint in your mouth and spring into some kind of action.

It all starts out innocently enough: After a seemingly lost night on the seedy side of town, our libidinous hero wakes up by an overstuffed Dumpster in a nameless back-alley behind a nameless watering hole of a bar, an equally gamey vintage working gal by his side. But when his trash-side companion is promptly snatched up by someone or something unknown, and right under his nose no less, private investigator Nick Slick is on the case, on it like a cop on a donut, despite his endlessly unending hangover-from-hell. Said “case,” however, promptly becomes messier than a fudgesicle in July, what with duplicitous docs and dirty cops and dirtier bad girls crawling out of the proverbial woodwork seemingly at every turn; that, and an increasingly voracious gaggle of walking-dead street girls who seem to want nothing more than to have our hapless P.I. for lunch. Some days, it seems, it just doesn’t pay to raise yourself up out of the garbage.

[goodreviews isbn=”B00V5IEB4W” buyinfo=”off” bookinfo=”off”]

Author Interview: R.R.Virdi

Posted April 2, 2015

I’m RR Virdi, author of The Grave Report, a paranormal investigator series set in NY. I live in Falls Church, Virginia. I’m 25 at the moment, I’d like to keep it that way. I’m predominantly an urban fantasy author, but I have written and will go back to writing fantasy and science fiction. I’m an ex-mechanic and still an avid car lover, video gamer, PC builder and modder. I am also a competitive napper.

  • When did you first discover your love for writing?

Age 18, summer before college, best thing ever.

  • Do you have a favourite place to write?

My room on my custom gaming PC.

  • Do you have a writing routine or process that you adhere to?

No, in all honesty, I would likely benefit from one however.

  • Are there any authors or specific books you aspire to?

Jim Butcher.

  • What inspired you to write Grave Beginnings?

I still don’t have an answer for that, I just did, and do. I don’t decide what I want to write, I just get ideas that I am overly excited about and I chase them.

  • Can you tell us a little about your book?

Grave Beginnings is a paranormal investigator novel set in New York. It follows Vincent Graves, a soul without a body, murdered by the paranormal a long time ago. He is tasked with inhabiting the body of those killed by monsters and using their bodies, skills, and memories to solve their murders for them. The catch with this is that it comes at the cost of his own original memories, the more people he helps, the more of his own memories slip away. The series begins in media res with him having done this for years and no longer aware of his original identity and life.

  • Do you have a favourite amongst all your characters?

Vincent Graves, always Vincent.

  • Does your book contain a message for readers to consider?

Hope, fighting against the odds no matter what. Sometimes you get dealt bad cards in life, it happens, don’t give up, but fight on in spite of that. Play your hand best you can.

  • Would you be interested in sharing a teaser?

Grave Beginnings


  • What would say has been your biggest challenge and achievement in writing Grave Beginnings?

Honestly, the biggest challenge was just getting it done. Life kept trying to get in the way. School, oh man, that and day jobs were trying to keep me away from it all. I was working so hard just to try and hit my desired word counts. It’s a challenge that honestly is still plaguing me at this time in my life. But, I’m dealing with it. I don’t have much of a choice otherwise.

  •  What have you learned about yourself as a writer through writing Grave Beginnings?

That I really love urban fantasy, myths, magic and monsters a great deal more than I originally thought. That I can devote a heck of a lot more time to something that I ever imagined possible, even after that something was done. The constant improvements, editing with my amazing editor, the new cover, all of it. It was a lot of work, still is, worth every second of it too!

  •  Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?

Never stop working and improving on the craft. Never. Write short stories when you can, if you can. Read a lot, write a lot. Everything makes you better. Find excuses to write. I’m still in the process of developing my career, but that advice seems to be working for me. I’m an author with one novel out, and it’s doing pretty well all things considering.

  • Anything else you would like to say?

Give me a million dollars. Please? But seriously, life is short, and that’s a cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. I dropped out of college, I’ll be honest here, I don’t know where my life is going. There are days I am terrified if I did the right thing. But it feels right. I have nothing to fall back on…and yet, I still know writing feels right. I don’t know what my career will look like in ten years, all I know is what I hope it looks like. And that will have to be enough. Most days it is. I’ve written Grave Beginnings, it will be in print soon. Grave Measures is with my wonderfully skilled and amazing editor, and will likely be out by early 2016. The long gap in between books was that life thing I mentioned earlier.

Don’t you hate that?

And I’m writing a new novel/series right now. So I’m working a lot, writing hasn’t given me a fully sustainable career yet, but, I’m still doing it. Something is driving me, something I can’t explain. Sometimes it pays to listen to those somethings in my opinion. Because I’m broke, but you know what? I’m still pretty happy. So yeah.

  • And finally, do you have any future works planned?

I do indeed! I have another urban fantasy series planned, I’m being a good little ink monkey and penning it as I write this, because…I have two monitors. And I have some one off novels planned as well as some short stories that will be free. Yes, free. That magical word. And I have some fantasy epics planned for the future. I’m young and insane. So I have all the time in the world and lunacy to do it all!

Blog: http://rrvirdi.com/

Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/R.R-Virdi/e/B00J9PZ1YW/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1440927074&sr=8-1-spell

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