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AL CLARK by Jonathan G. Meyer

AL CLARK by Jonathan G. Meyer

The ruling corporations of Earth have accelerated climate change and depleted our planet of its resources.     Corruption, overpopulation, and poverty have turned our home into a place of despair for most.     Life is hard.     But there is still hope for our species.     The undying human spirit has […]

Author Interview: Autumn Seigel

Author Autumn Seigel, 21, resides in the small town of Wapakoneta, Ohio. Autumn loves to read, write, and draw. When she is not writing her original works, she is practicing her craft by writing fanfiction or drawing manga. Autumn writes in the genres of Science Fiction and Dystopian and all the way to the corners […]

Blogging A-Z: G is for… Global Warming

Global warming Another popular theme in science fiction. I have read numerous books and watched countless films with Global Warming at the fore, be it snow, rain, ice, wind, tornados, tsunamis, or an all out end of the world as we know it… they all arise from this theme. I’ve learned about the effect of […]