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The Knight’s Apprentice (Knights of the Immortals) by Catrina Taylor

Posted November 12, 2015

Meet Cerita Guzman. Typical teen with all the responsibilities of an oldest child, in a struggling single parent household. After stumbling across a final rite performed by a man in a suit of armor, Cerita finds herself questioning everything she’s ever known.

Is Atlantis real? Are the creatures of myth? Could she be one of them?

With her best friend, a classmate, and the mysterious knight, Cerita begins an adventure to find the truth that’s been hidden in plain sight.

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The Maid of Camelot by J Hannigan

Posted November 4, 2015

The Maid of Camelot is the story of Fleur, the grand-daughter of two kings.

From her decision to become a knight, to swearing fealty to the perfect knight, to accepting a perilous and potentially fatal quest, she learns about herself and her mysterious past.

Travelling far from her home with no hope of return, Fleur faces great danger and sacrifices everything she holds dear to keep her family and friends safe.

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