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The services offered via Indiescififantasy (ISF Author Services) are designed to assist authors at any stage of the writing, editing, or publishing process – from the inkling of an idea through to promotion.

ISF Author Services consists of eight team members, each focusing on an area of expertise. Packages are available for those who require full project management.


Writing Services



For authors who require more one-to-one interaction to develop the manuscript. This service includes:

  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining/planning
  • Plot analysis


If you have had a great idea for a book, but aren’t sure where to start, this service will help you organise your ideas and create an outline, develop character profiles, and more.


Plot Analysis

Your story will be read and the story broken down into plot, themes, and character movement and interaction, allowing you to step back and see the bigger picture in an easy-to-navigate spreadsheet.


Developmental Editing


Manuscript Critique

This service includes a single read, after which you will receive an editorial letter highlighting its weaknesses and strengths, with advice on steps you can take to improve it.
*Includes plot analysis


Developmental Editing

This service looks at your manuscript in depth and includes:

  • Manuscript Assessment
  • Plot Analysis
  • Deep line edit

Final 'read'

This service is for manuscripts that have been through our developmental editing process and checks plot development and inconsistencies have been resolved.


Copy Editing


Deep Line Editing

Your manuscript is examined for writing style, repetition, overused words, tightening sentences, grammar usage, and clarification.


Copy Editing

This edit assumes that both a development and line edit have been completed, and focuses on grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation.



A proof-edit is performed before formatting but after copy editing and checks your manuscript for typos and technical errors.




Formatting (ebook/print)

Formatting of your manuscript’s interior for either (or both) ebook and print.



This service will check your formatted book for punctuation and formatting accuracy.


Cover Design

Professional design of book covers for both ebook and print formats



Upload Management Services

Guided or managed navigation of the submission process for Createspace, Ingram, and KDP print.

Author Platform

This service includes setting up a WordPress website, design, Facebook author page, Twitter profile, and guidance on how to build your author platform.

Book launch & Blog Tours

Managed book launches, book tours and online (Facebook) events



Audio Book set-up/management (ACX)


Author Interviews


Book Trailers


CPC ad management (AMS/Facebook)


Content/Copy Writing


Design: Banners, character cards, logo, branding


Email Marketing (not currently available)


Newsletter set-up and/or management


Radio Show Interview


Social Media Management


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