New Banner reveal and a ‘Thank You’.

Posted August 4, 2015

As much as I love the dragon eye image I’ve been using on this website it was only going to be for the short-term – basically until I got my act together and decided on the ‘look’ I wanted. Upon the recommendation of a couple of indie authors I’ve come to know, I was referred to Kat Mellon, a freelance designer of book covers, promotional artwork and of course banners (and she deserves a medal purely for making any sense of my 150 word ramble about the ‘look’ I was after).

This website caters for both science fiction and fantasy, and so, of course, I wanted a banner that would reflect both aspects. I liked the dragon’s eye, but I wanted a science fiction element to somehow blend with it, perhaps a spaceship, or a planet, perhaps even a futuristic city… basically, I was clueless, apart from the colour. I knew I wanted green.

That was the brief, and this is what the amazing Kat came up with:

Indiecififantasy banner

I had a choice of three finishes, but this was the one that drew my attention (and also the eyes of a good friend). I love the background with the planet and city, but that dragon… I just love it.

And now for the designer plug:

If you are an author looking for a cover or promo material (or a manner), I would seriously check Kat’s website out. She has a wide range of premade covers available at a reasonable price, offers a variety of different services and can work from the most confusing of briefs (mine being proof of that).

Here are Kat’s contact details (and I shall certainly be engaging her services for my other two websites and my book cover – when I eventually get around to writing and editing the wretched thing):





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