Indiescififantasy (aka – me) isn’t very good at writing reviews, and I have therefore been talking to some up and coming reviewers who have given me permission to display snippets of their reviews. I only host the sample – any clicks on the title/read more will take you to the reviewers website. If you are a reviewer of Independent fantasy and sci-fi books and would like to share your reviews, please contact

How it works (Reviewers/Webmasters):

I will link your RSS feed to this website. If the genre relates to Science Fiction or Fantasy I will create a link to your review(s), maintaining the original author and pointing the permalink to your website. Visitors to Indiescififantasy will not be able to read the full review on this website.

If at any point you decide it isn’t for you, all syndicated links to this website can be removed.


If you have a book you would like reviewed, please contact the reviewers directly (the links will take you to their  submission guidelines page):

A drop of Ink Reviews (no erotica)


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