A Place in the Sun

Posted March 23, 2022

A sci-fi twist on a classic comedy.

Jim Harding is something important at the World Congress. He lives in the city with his wife Joan and their two children. But Joan is tired of their cramped apartment and dreams of having a place in the sun. Of course, Jim is far too in demand to leave town. But when he falls for Nuevo Mondo’s sales pitch, he goes all in and buys a custom-designed house on his very own alternative Earth. Privacy guaranteed!

But then the arguments over the house design start, and the children don’t like the new place, and then there are the strange noises. And when the Great Storm of 2072 hits, Jim finds himself cut off from his house and family, and all of this before he’s had his first Martini!



My Review

This is a thoroughly enjoyable short story. It was well-written and engaging. I was hooked from page one and read it in one sitting. The characters were well-rounded for a short, and I wasn’t entirely sure what direction the story would take, but I loved the ending.

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