Always Burning by D.J. Munden

Posted March 2, 2015

David Graham walked out into the world and found that the sky was red. He wished that it stopped there. In this new twisted apocalypse, powerful men and women emerged from the shadows with new found powers to carve up the United States for themselves. Behind the cannibals, the mutants, and the new power wielding psychopaths lies the truth behind the cataclysm. If…only anyone could remember.

Drifter—a trader and baron of the new world—has made it his mission to find the core of this truth. In doing so, he created enemies beyond the normal power grabbing territory lord. These enemies are resourceful, dangerous, and leagues above their competition. What do they have to hide and who are they working with so much power?

Find out the truth behind all the webs in this action packed, post-apocalyptic fantasy trilogy where the world can’t be saved, but avenged.

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