Author Interview: S. E. Anderson

Posted April 25, 2018

S.E. Anderson

S.E. Anderson can’t ever tell you where she’s from. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because it inevitably leads to a confusing conversation where she goes over where she was born (England) where she grew up (France) and where her family is from (USA) and it tends to make things very complicated.

She’s lived pretty much her entire life in the South of France, except for a brief stint where she moved to Washington DC, or the eighty years she spent as a queen of Narnia before coming back home five minutes after she had left. Currently, she goes to university in Marseille, where she’s studying Physics and aiming for a career in Astrophysics.

When she’s not writing, or trying to science, she’s either reading, designing, crafting, or attempting to speak with various woodland creatures in an attempt to get them to do household chores for her. She could also be gaming, or pretending she’s not watching anything on Netflix.

  • When did you first discover your love for writing? 

I don’t think there ever was a moment when I wasn’t writing… or, at least, telling a story. Even before I could hold a pen, I’d tell my parents or family friends to write down stories I would tell them. The love has just not stopped growing ever since! 

  • Do you have a favourite place to write? 

In my comfy armchair, by the window. I’m perfectly poised and always ready to write! Definitely helps that there’s no side table or place to put the computer down, which makes it so that I have to just keep writing. 

  • Do you have a writing routine or process that you adhere to? 

I wish I did, but my life is too hectic at the moment! I do enjoy writing in the evenings after dinner and before bed, but it depends on if astrophysics papers require my attention. 

  • Are there any authors or specific books you aspire to? 

Too many to list. I would love to one day be a talented enough writer to run in the same circles as Neil Gaiman. 

  • What inspired you to write Starstruck? 

Starstruck was really a writing project between me and my best friend Joanna. She and I both wanted to have more badass women in Scifi that we could aspire too, so we decided to write one ourselves. 

  • Can you tell us a little about your book? 

They’re books about adulthood, anxiety, and… aliens?

Starstruck, and its sequel, Alienation, follow the adventures (or misadventures) of Sally Webber, a college dropout and all around anxious person, as she gets thrown into the insane reality of Aliens among us. Trying to get your life together and save the world at the same time isn’t the easiest! 

  • Do you have a favourite amongst all your characters?

That would probably have to be Blayde. She’s much more than her no-nonsense, adrenalin junkie appearance might project. I can’t wait to dive into her character! 

  • Does your book contain a message for readers to consider? 

A few ones:

  • The universe is absurd and chaotic: it’s just the way it is, entropy is literally always increasing. Deal with it.
  • You might not be living the life you want to be living. That’s ok. It’s still your life and for you to take advantage of.
  • It’s ok to be afraid. If you manage to work through that fear, it’s ok to feel proud. That’s a massive accomplishment. 
  • Would you be interested in sharing a teaser? 


  • What would say has been your biggest challenge and achievement in writing? 

The biggest achievement is simply getting it published! It’s been a long road since I’ve started writing it. The most challenging aspect has to be dealing with the fact that it will never be perfect, only the best I can make it. I was not ready to stop tweaking it, because I’m never happy with what I do! 

  • What have you learned about yourself as a writer through writing the Starstruck saga?

It’s interesting, writing a book is like holding up a mirror to your face, but ignoring the reflection. It’s only when I re-read my drafts years later that I saw elements of myself I just hadn’t yet learned to recognize. What those elements are might be too personal for right here, right now, though. 

  • Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors? 

I always get this advice, and it’s the best advice: Just. Keep. Writing. Don’t give up until you have a book! 

  • Anything else you would like to say? 

It’s a massive pleasure writing this saga. I really hope the readers connect with it as much as I want them to. Please feel free to connect with me if you want to chat about my books! 

  • And finally, do you have any future works planned? 

LOADS. Starstruck is going to be quite a long series… and I’m going to continue writing YA scifi and fantasy for the rest of my life. Look out!

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