Posted November 9, 2015

In a post-apocalyptic America, a young outlander is captured and processed as a new citizen of a high-walled citadel. Unable to leave, he soon becomes the houseguest of a security officer whose life he saved in the outlands. A passage to freedom can be arranged, but his growing infatuation with the city and for his benefactor’s daughter makes him unwilling to leave. If he stays, he may be faced with compromising his beliefs for a woman he loves.
Then an unfortunate turn of events leads to him becoming an unwelcome guest in a city that appears increasingly dystopian and alien to him. Without any support in this foreign land, he must try to leave whilst evading arrest. Fortunately, there are those on the outside who have not given up looking for him yet.
It is the tale of the interaction of two alternative and conflicting cultures as exemplified through the interactions of two men who try to appreciate each other’s world. They share many joint interests but hold to different values.
Society is at the dawn of a transhumanist transformation that is using technology to master nature. However some outlanders who remain beyond the pale, feel that nature itself is about to change, and will transform everything in its wake.

“Action and dialogue are very well balanced and equally convincing, continually adding to ad driving the story forward…Great book!

“Right from the beginning I was hooked, drawn in by the well written narrative. The post-apocalyptic world he has drawn cleverly, without resorting to cliché and it has a feel of originality that I liked.” Author Max Power

“Great characters, well-paced and compelling plot, and fascinating settings… it is one of those rare books” Author Jim Murray

“Senan Gil Senan has created a masterpiece, and it deserves acclaim.” Author Lesley Hayes

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