Blogging A-Z: L is for… Life

Posted April 17, 2015


Or more specifically, Life on other planets.

I do not, for one moment, believe we are ‘alone’ in this universe. Life came into being on our own planet, albeit with a specific set of criteria, but just because we haven’t found proof of other lifeforms, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… somewhere.

Alien Life Forms

Science fiction is rich with other life forms, and a quick search through Google images reveals just how wide and vast our imagination is when considering other forms of life – little green and grey men with small bodies and elongated or over-sized heads, human shaped aliens, insects, robots, a jelly-like blob… As with the other elements of science fiction I have so far discussed through this challenge, our vision of what constitutes an alien has changed as our own science and knowledge develops.

 Books on Indiescififantasy featuring alien life forms:

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4 responses to “Blogging A-Z: L is for… Life

  1. I do believe there are other life forms out there and that the universe is simply too vast for us to be alone.

    Whatever alien worlds are out there, I hope they are more civilised than mankind has been on this planet.

    • IndieSFfantasy

      Thank you. My university studying took over, but my degree is now over so I have no more excuses. I need to finish this one as I can’t bear the thought of leaving anything unfinished – ever if it is two months late.

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