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Advertising and Amazon and stats

This is one of those posts where I witter on about my favourite subject – stats. I love them. Can’t get enough of them. So imagine my excitement last night when I clicked on a teensy weensy arrow in my Amazon affiliate area and it told me just how many times the direct url (the […]

Indiescififantasy Facebook Group

Despite having a few Facebook pages, I’m not a great fan of them (owing to the fact they expect people to pay to have their posts seen) so… I’ve set up a group instead. If you are an independent author (including small press) of science fiction or fantasy please do join and post a link […]

Hashtag: #IARTG

#IARTG This is another of my favourites for tweeting about Independent authors and their books, and they really helped me out with lots of shoutouts when I was started out (for which, I am very grateful). IARTG has a substantial following (74.8k at the time of writing) and how it works is that you follow […]

Hashtag: #SFRTG

#SFRTG A new hashtag for this week’s post – new as in I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. The stats on only go back four weeks, so at a guess, I’d say this hashtag is new ‘new.’ It’s a nice easy one for the science fiction authors to use though, and I […]

Hashtag: #indiebooksbeseen

#indiebooksbeseen It seems prudent to begin with one that is not only popular but strives to help indie authors ‘be seen.’ The hashtag was started by @MarktheShaw (Keeper of the Wind on Twitter), an author of young adult books. ‘This is not just a hashtag. This is a movement…’ Mark’s aim is to draw attention to […]

Hashtag Tuesday

Hashtag Tuesday We all know (or should) that hashtags are an important part of marketing our books and promoting our author platforms. I’m a little bit of a stat obsessive, so how better to put that to use than to examine some of the more influential hashtags available (mostly on Twitter, mind). A few authors […]

Independently (self-published) books / book promotion

It has taken me a while, but through the course of promoting books for free on my other site, and through several engagements with independent authors, I have come to a decision as to what direction to take with this site. While I am keen to continue writing about all things science fiction and fantasy […]

Automating Twitter… to a point.

I thought it might be prudent to talk about some of the software I use to assist with time management on Twitter, as once the follows and unfollows, tweets and re-tweets begin, as well as the direct messages and mentions, it can get a little mind boggling. I use three types of software to assist in the […]

Designing your Author (Facebook) Page

With your author page set up (step by step instruction for which can be found here), it’s time to get down to the task of personalising it. Facebook provides two places in which to present a graphic that best sums up you (the author/writer), be it a photograph, graphic, banner or logo. Both can be […]

Tome Tender (Book Blog)

Tome Tender book blog features books is several genres – Paranormal romance, historical romance,  contemporary romance, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, young adult, steampunk, fantasy, and paranormal fiction. Requests for reviews are available, and the guidelines for these are very clear and precise. With a good number of followers, this networked blog features include author interviews, giveaways, […]